The Blessing of the Lord HTML version

Blessing our brothers and sisters in Christ must come from the
heart. We must not be like some of David’s enemies, who blessed
with their mouth, while inwardly they cursed (Psalm 62:4).
Blessing must be genuine, flowing from the heart. At times in the
Body of Christ, people bless someone with their mouth, while in
their heart is still enmity, jealousy, or bitterness. God sees the
heart, and He sees when believers harbor ill feelings against one
another. Blessing must be genuine. Our heart’s desire must be to
see everyone in God’s family blessed, without exception.
We must ask forgiveness, and ask God to cleanse our hearts, when
we have harbored any ill feelings or resentments towards a fellow
believer. Begin to genuinely bless your brother or sister, and
allow the love of God to flow from your heart toward them.
Healing will begin to flow! The royal priesthood, God’s people,
must bless one another in the name of the Lord. The blessing of
the Lord must flow from heart to heart, as God’s people desire
and pray for the blessing to be poured out on every member of the
Body of Christ. Let all gossip, judgmental words, and backbiting
cease from the Body of Christ! Then the blessing of the Lord will
be poured out in such a way that it will truly bring healing to the
church, and to our land.
The Blessing Of The Lord On Our Finances
God desires to manifest His blessing on our finances. The Lord
has promised that if we seek first the kingdom of God, He would
meet our needs for basic necessities as well (Matt.6:25-33). Not
only does God want to take care of our basic needs; His purpose
is that we become channels of His blessing to others, to touch a
needy world. We will look at three major areas of finance, each