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2. The Two Brothers
As the fair Rosa, with foreboding doubt, had foretold, so it happened. Whilst John de
Witt was climbing the narrow winding stairs which led to the prison of his brother
Cornelius, the burghers did their best to have the troop of Tilly, which was in their way,
Seeing this disposition, King Mob, who fully appreciated the laudable intentions of his
own beloved militia, shouted most lustily, --
"Hurrah for the burghers!"
As to Count Tilly, who was as prudent as he was firm, he began to parley with the
burghers, under the protection of the cocked pistols of his dragoons, explaining to the
valiant townsmen, that his order from the States commanded him to guard the prison
and its approaches with three companies.
"Wherefore such an order? Why guard the prison?" cried the Orangists.
"Stop," replied the Count, "there you at once ask me more than I can tell you. I was told,
'Guard the prison,' and I guard it. You, gentlemen, who are almost military men
yourselves, you are aware that an order must never be gainsaid."
"But this order has been given to you that the traitors may be enabled to leave the
"Very possibly, as the traitors are condemned to exile," replied Tilly.
"But who has given this order?"
"The States, to be sure!"
"The States are traitors."
"I don't know anything about that!"
"And you are a traitor yourself!"
"Yes, you."