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Father Benwell's Correspondence
To the Secretary, S. J., Rome.
I BEG to acknowledge the receipt of your letter. You mention that our
Reverend Fathers are discouraged at not having heard from me for more than
six weeks, since I reported the little dinner given to Romayne at my lodgings.
I am sorry for this, and more than sorry to hear that my venerated brethren
are beginning to despair of Romayne's conversion. Grant me a delay of
another week--and, if the prospects of the conversion have not sensibly
improved in that time, I will confess myself defeated. Meanwhile, I bow to
superior wisdom, without venturing to add a word in my own defense.
The week's grace granted to me has elapsed. I write with humility. At the
same time I have something to say for myself.
Yesterday, Mr. Lewis Romayne, of Vange Abbey, was received into the
community of the Holy Catholic Church. I inclose an accurate newspaper
report of the ceremonies which attended the conversion.
Be pleased to inform me, by telegraph, whether our Reverend Fathers wish
me to go on, or not.