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6. Never love anything so much you cannot
see it die.
7. Build not upon sand, but upon rock. And
build not for today or yesterday but for all
8. Strive ever for more, for conquest is never
9. And die rather than submit.
10. Forge not works of art but swords of death,
for therein lies great art.
1 1 . Learn to raise yourself above yourself
so you can triumph over all.
1 . The blood of the living makes good
fertiliser for the seeds of the new.
2. He who stands atop the highest pyramid of
skulls can see the furthest.
3. Discard not love but treat it as an impostor,
but ever be just.
4. All that is great is built upon sorrow.
5. Strive not only forwards,
but upwards for greatness hes in the highest.
6. Come as a fresh strong wind that breaks yet
The Black Book of Satan (Three Parts) - Skull Press
Edition - Arrangement by Hagur
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