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What Really Causes Disease?

Everywhere you turn you hear or see the evidence of disease in our society. Heart disease, autoimmune disease, bone disease, gum disease. What is with this word “disease”? It’s actually become a common phrase, a normal word in our everyday vocabulary. As common as it is, there seems to be a lack of understanding on what disease really means, what actually causes it.

Is it stress? Is our environment making us sick? If someone could just develop the right immunizations, would we be disease free? Can we blame disease on lack of sleep, a virus, or something we’ve inherited?

The information in this book is intended to explain some simple concepts that seem to be overlooked, forgotten, or intentionally neglected in today’s world of health awareness. This information may shock, or even anger you. But it is a message that must be heard.

What I am now about to share with you, will forever change your understanding of what causes disease.

So let’s begin, but first, the following information is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. In addition, its foundation is not based upon clever advertising phrases or incomplete truths, but rather is based upon fact, award winning scientific principles, and years of scientific research.

What if someone were to tell you that the vitamin and mineral supplements that you’ve so faithfully purchased and depended on for over the last 10 years to support the health of your body, have not been helping you, and in fact, may actually be harming you?

 Would you feel, disappointed, betrayed, and even outraged?

I wouldn’t blame you. The truth is many of the vitamin and mineral supplements sitting in your cupboards or gym bag most likely ARE NOT doing to your body what you indeed believe them to be doing. In reality, you may have been neglecting your body’s very needs for decades, even though persuasive advertising may have convinced you otherwise.

 Dr. Linus Pauling, one of the most decorated and applauded scientists of this century, and twotime winner of The Nobel Prize, repeatedly stated in his works,


America: The Country of Abundance

America has long been known as the nation of abundance. We are fortunate to live in a country where food is readily available and plentiful and of course, able to provide the essential nutrition to keep our bodies healthy. Now, if this were not the case, we would’ve certainly heard about it, right?

 If I were to read you the following quote, when would you say it was written?


Would you say 1992? 1983? 1976? The answer is shockingly, 1936! And who would you say compiled this information? Would you say local FFA members, a county extension agent, or environmental activists? Actually, these findings were presented to Congress in a study called US Senate Document 264, at the 74th congress. In other words, we’ve been consuming foods unable to meet the nutritional needs of our bodies for over 6 decades!

Do Fertilizers Help?

Don’t fertilizers add to the nutritive value of our food? Actually, fertilizers make matters worse. At the end of WWII, there was a surplus of bomb making materials including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Since it was known these components were the main ingredients needed for growing large and plentiful crops, this surplus of chemicals made its way into the agricultural fertilizing realm for the first time.

And this continues today, unfortunately fertilizers being applied in record-high quantities are not fortified with the other micronutrients needed by the soil. Yields may look great on the outside, but are nutrient poor on the inside.

 Even recently, the results of the 1992 Earth Summit confirm this startling information:

Its statistics revealed that the farmland in North America were 85% nutrient deplete. And to make matters worse, the farmlands, specifically in America, showed the worst mineral depletion in all categories.

The net effect is a nation where people are fed, but not nourished. The net effect is you must eat 70 bowls of spinach today to get the same nutrient content of one bowl in 1968. The net effect is America is the most overeaten nation in the world, leading all countries in rates of obesity, yet is nutritionally starved. The net effect is America leads the world in osteoporosis, new autoimmune disease, heart disease, and many forms of cancer. In fact, money spent in America on health care exceeds that of the National Defense.

Why is it that Americans eat and eat, yet continue to make midnight trips to the refrigerator? Simply put, we are starved for nutrition. And our bodies, and quality of life, suffer because of it. The old cliché: “It only takes 3 square meals a day” is just that, an old cliché.

Does The Government Know?

 US Senate Document 264, written and published in 1936, also stated in it:


Even recently, the highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA, in its June 2002 issue, published research from two Harvard Medical doctors, Dr. Robert H. Fletcher MD and Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD PhD of the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, who cite in their research,


These highly regarded individuals and their respected research findings definitively confirm that all diseases find their roots in nutritivepoor, and specifically, mineralpoor, nutrition. And this lack of minerals in the body manifests itself in disease.

  • Lack of iron can contribute toward blood deficiencies.
  • Lack of calcium contributes to bone disease.
  • Lack of magnesium contributes to heart abnormalities.
  • Lack of copper contributes to anemia.

In short, minerals are critically essential to maintain and promote health.

 The Human Body Cannot Make Minerals

Yet even with the knowledge of this information, the most alarming fact not readily known, shared, or understood by the majority of people, is the human body CANNOT make minerals. This fact can’t be emphasized enough. The human body cannot make minerals!

We are completely dependent upon external sources for our mineral nutrition. From the day we are born, our mineral stores begin to deplete. And if we’re not replenishing them with what we put into our bodies, in the correct form and design, a form that is watersoluble, ionic, and the proper particle size, significant health challenges result. Ironically, the average American suffers from over 14 different mineral deficiencies, and doesn’t even know it.