The Big Shiny Prison HTML version

“THE BIG SHINY PRISON” conceptual cover art.
“Ellis Gharib” manipulation by Klaus Von Valkenburg
ATTN: To all recipients of the promotional PDF for “The Big Shiny
This electronic document is hereby offered to the public do main.
File sharing is approved and encouraged by its author, Ryan Bartek.
Having spent a Herculean effort on this project, his only wish is that it be circulated.
Mr. Bartek himself retains the copyright & trademark to “The Big Shiny Prison.”
He currently seeks a publisher for the physical print run of this manuscript.
Mr. Bartek has one prior book release to his credit (“The Silent Burning;” 2005).
He’s been a freelance contributer to periodicals such as Metal Maniacs, AMP Magazine,
Hails & Horns, PIT Magazine, Real Detroit Weekly & others.
Currently he tours as an acoustic artist under the alias “Jack Cassady” He is also
vocalist/guitarist for the grindcore act Sasquatch Agnostic as “Benedict Badoglio.”
Under his real aegis, Ryan Bartek has accomplished two national spoken word tours &
performed dozens of gigs. When in the United States, he lives and works in Seattle.
To schedule an interview with Mr. Bartek, or to inquire about the manuscript, please
contact him directly through or
Thanks in Advance,
June Mansfield
Anomie PR