The Big Picture of Internet success HTML version

Choosing A Market
Market research is where it all begins. If there’s no market there’s no dough. Most
people think that in order to succeed in a market they must find a sub niche
within that market that has very few or no competitors. They believe that they
have no chance of making money in broad saturated markets. After all, how can
the small guy compete with monstrous companies and affiliates that have never
ending resources? This is certainly how I used to think.
I’d painstakingly go through thousands of keywords analyzing core variables such
as, number of competing pages, monthly search volume, Number of Adwords
advertisers etc. Yeah I used cool tools to do this but I was always stationary until
I found that diamond in the rough. More often than not, that certain diamond
turned out to be just a sharp piece of glass that sliced through my time and
wallet. I had many PPC campaigns pointing to these shallow poorly structured and
optimized sites. I made a few bucks but it certainly wasn’t worth the effort and
time I was putting in.
Do it right or Just Don’t Do it
Things turned for me when I decided to stop jumping from niche to niche and
decided to build a quality site and blog on a broad topic which I loved and
enjoyed working on. I decided to stop focusing on making a few quick bucks and
start learning how to create quality content, get lots of targeted traffic and
inbound links. When I mastered this, I knew it would be easy to turn the online
asset I’d built into a revenue stream. I could even sell this web real-estate for a
large sum if I ever wanted to cash in.
First I want to detail why I don’t do much PPC affiliate marketing and prefer the
slower less traveled, less risky route to online profit. Please note that when you
have a high conversion site structure like we will be putting in place, PPC will be
the next logical step to ramping up your earnings. If you are new to PPC the profit
from your adsense revenue will more than help fund your PPC education.
PPC Advantages
- Quick entry to market
- Quick testing of landing pages and conversions
- Quickly turn a losing or breaking even campaign into profitable campaign by
monitoring adgroups, keyword bids and clever site targeting.
- Instant traffic
- Easy to ramp up winning campaigns.
- Good Tools for Testing, Building, Monitoring, Landing Page generation, porting
campaigns to other networks etc.
PPC Disadvantages
- Extremely competitive
- Requires constant monitoring and tweaking