The Bible is a Parable: A Middle Ground Between Science and Religion HTML version

The Bible Is a Parable: A Middle Ground Between Science and Religion
Copyright© 2011 Albert E. Gilding, Sr.
Chapter 1: Toward a Middle Ground
Chapter 2: The Bible as a Parable
Chapter 3: The Parable of the Beginning
Chapter 4: Toward an Ordering of Events
Chapter 5: From Among Many
Chapter 6: Whither Comest Thou?
Chapter 7: And Then He Made Man
Chapter 8: Where in the World is Eden?
Chapter 9: Cain and Abel
Chapter 10: Noah and the Flood
Chapter 11: How High the Sky
Chapter 12: The Story of Abraham
Chapter 13: A Snake in the Desert
Chapter 14: From Job to Jesus
Chapter 15: Jesus -- A Living Parable?
Chapter 16: Who is This Jesus?
Chapter 17: The Revelation -- As a Parable
Chapter 17a: Revelation‘s Last Days?
Chapter 18: 666 -- Is -The Mark of the Beast | Historical?
Chapter 19: Does History Repeat Itself?
Chapter 20: Do We Know Where We Are Headed?
Chapter 21: The Book and the Brain
Chapter 22: Two Beginnings?
Chapter 23: God of the Gaps?
Chapter 24: Is Evolution Compatible With Religious Belief?
Chapter 25: Beyond Nature‘s Evolution?
Chapter 26: More Than One Reality?
Chapter 27: Angels?
Chapter 28: Belief Vs Unbelief
Chapter 29: Good Vs Evil
Chapter 30: Parables