The Bialien Series - Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved


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Science-fiction series about a young man who is abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion. Imagine discovering a UFO and then having to hide inside of it after the elite unit of the army chases you to it in an attempt to kill you. Imagine having your nerves and senses connected with the ship and feeling what the ship does. Imagine having an out of body experience and flying a very advanced spaceship by pure thought. Going against jet fighters and making a mockery of the United States Air force. (continued below at: "about author")


I have tried to follow the steps on the Bialien website to get an e-commerce of book2 but the Facebook is inactive so I tried to give a review at amazon but they say I am not allowed until I buy something :(---8


I also couldn't leave a comment after rating really liked book 1 bvolunteers. after reading the previews of two & three it looks like I could skip to 4 & not miss much Also I tried to follow the instructions for a free download of vol. 1 book 2 but couldn't because your Facebook seems broke. I can't seem to find anything about book 4

Vlane Carter

To all readers of the BIAlien book 1. This series title will be discontinued and changed to "BIO-Sapien" in the coming months. All paperbacks and ebooks will be converted over. The story will still be the same. Thank.

Vlane Carter

I'm glad you liked the novel. I've been working on volume 2 and it's some out of this world Sci-fi.

Vlane Carter

This is Vlane Carter, the author. Glad to hear you're enjoying the series. Did you get a chance to read books 2 and 3 yet? Sorry to hear you were having problems. I can send you them free of charge in exchange for a review on amazon.

Danton Kabuye

Rise of the BiAlienSapien:Human Evolved Vol. 1 is a brilliantly written and one of a kind Sci-Fi literature, different from the various volumes of Sci-Fi you will pick from the shelf in your usual bookstore! Vlane Carter explores concepts that are at the cutting edge of science fiction, in a remarkable writing style, which will undoubtedly intrigue the mind of the reader and keep him glued from the start to the finish…

Toru Ide

I liked this book very much. It was very different in the story line as well as the type of character that appeared. I have not visited the sites to get the series but are seriously thinking about it.

John Hales

Very different style of writing, enjoyed very much, however when I tried to purchase books 2 & 3, found I was unable to living in the UK.

scott stuart

Just finished rerading the book. Cannot wait for next part so will givve this 10 out of 10. The story is up there with Arthur C Clarkes Rama Series. Couldn't put it down (only to re-charge book reader)bring it on:!!!


good story well written


What exactly is a BIALIEN? Is it some sort of new dance or a recipe for a new exotic dish? Well according to author Vlane Carter, a BIALIEN is Jaden Marino or at least that is what he becomes in the book The BIALIEN Trilogy, an Alien of Two Worlds (volume 1; part 1). Belonging to the ever popular genre of science fiction this book delivers an attention grabbing science fiction story of the fantastical adventures of central character Jaden Marino. BIALIEN ... volume 1, is the first in the trilogy of science fiction books that gives the reader's imagination a real workout. Creative and inventive from the onset the world of Jaden Marino (and the worlds he experiences) are well detailed and chock full of interesting science fiction steeped ideals. Author Vlane Carter has created the adventures of a lifetime within the confines of the life of nineteen year old Jaden Marino. As the story opens the reader is taken in by Jaden's run for his life, he is being pursued by the military under the false pretense that he stole an experimental plane however, the truth of the matter is that Jaden discovered a landed UFO and the wicked government wants to keep it a secret and shut Jaden up permanently. While he is running Jaden goes back to the UFO and finds protection from the evil military and thus begins his journey to becoming a BIALIEN. It is through the use of nanotechnology that Jaden eventually becomes a BIALIEN. Jaden's experiences and encounters with alien life forms and their advanced technology proves to be a perfect fit, as he easily adapts to many "alien" types of experiences including, out of body experiences like traveling and observing via a "nanoeye", telepathic communication, using x-ray vision and camaraderie with other alien life forms. As Jaden is being watched and aided by a friendly race of aliens, the Andromedians they become so impressed with Jaden that they charge him with the responsibility to return to earth and unite earth so that earth can fight an impending evil alien invasion that comes in the form of another evil alien race called the Darclonians. The saga continues in BIALIEN series Volume 1; book 2 and BIALIEN series Volume 1; book 3. The series is continued thereafter in Volume ll; parts 1, 2, 3 and Volume lll; parts 1, 2, 3. Overall this is an intriguing story that brings to mind some of the other great science fiction adventures of the past such as Star Wars. While this book does make for a good read there are a few editing issues, such as misspellings, confusion of word tenses and spacing issues. Also these books are categorized as "graphic" novels although there is little in the way of actual graphics presented in the book however, the ones that scattered throughout the books are awesome. Another interesting point about this trilogy is the author has determined that his writing the books in the present tense which allows the reader to experience the novel "... as if they were watching a movie". I found this a little confusing initially but as I read on, I found myself getting past that issue as I became immersed in the story. I would recommend the BIALIEN trilogy to any science fiction fans that like to get lost in adventure.

Dwight Harris

The book is well written and I liked the action in the first half of the book. In my opinion the second half was readable but took too long on the tech explanations. As I said that's my opinion.For anyone that wants a well written book that fires up your imagination, this is it. I think Vlane Carter has a long and profitable career ahead. I look forward to his future works.

Perry Gelfo

the present tense worked, the author has some serious story telling skills. just finished book 2 and i'm a forever fan. good work.

Kim C

Never read anything like this before. BIALIEN = evolved science fiction. Not a big science fiction reader, but this author took science fiction to the next level. I'm saying this because I read all three books. The details were amazing and the story line is very addictive. The artworks in the books definetly help to tell the story. My favorite scene was the gravity tide wars in chapter 6 on planet xenos( 2.2 million light-years from Earth). The double moon system causes the planet's gravity to reach near zero levels, causing the ocean water and sea creatures to float around the lower atmosphere. I love the way the author described the planet and the interaction between the alien lobsters, eels, and sharks fighting each other (which was VERY funny!) Jaden and bellona using virtual eyes called "nanoeyes" to explore the planet was a good idea.... reminded me of avatar movie, when main character was falling for the tribe girl... the author even scratched on Darwinism happening with some ape like creatures on the land of the planet. that were evolving.


Details details details! This authors imagination deserves a 10! Main character development a 7. Creativity, plot structure & art directing skills a 9. One thing i didn't like was the first and second chapter was missing main character development, the author used flashbacks in chapter 3 to develop main character. I later learned this structure was used to speed up the story and keep the pace fast in the first two chapters. It does work in the story. The flashbacks. Gives good insite. To what happened before the first chapter. Overall worth the time to read.


"Lawn-mowerman in an alien spaceship to the Andromeda galaxy!" I loved, LOVED, this first book. This book is a "must read" for science fiction and fiction fans. I had to purchased the paperback version and read it AGAIN! I'm hooked. When i first heard of BIALIEN, i thought it was a half written, half thought out science fiction novel written by a newbie author. It was the complete opposite. I read 6 professional book reviews (Kirkus, Clarion, Feathered quill) and i was determined to see for myself. The novel was worth my time, it totally exceeded my expectations. The main character experiencing an out-of-body experience inside of the UFO he was hiding inside of and the fact that he was able to control the UFO with his mind, was very interesting. Another original concept not many authors thought about, was, what if a UFO was traveling faster than sound and an army of Jetfighters were also moving faster than sound? The sonic boom effects on the ground will cause chaos to the people on the ground. these type of concepts make me think, this is just one of many ideas this author came up with in his detailed book 1. The editing was pretty good, and the present tense story telling grew on me and definitely worked in the chapters. If you are unsure about this book, download the free version, but i'm sure when you finish it, you'll purchase the other 2 of 10 books. For the hardcore sci-fi readers, google "bialien wikipedia" for the real deep concepts of this book. Enjoy!

Pam Caldwell

I can describe this novel in 10 words: Detailed, visionary, adventurous, well-explained, original, creative, well-researched, funny, intriguing and ingenious.

Alan Williamson

Very interesting concept, very detailed. Look forward to reading more

Perry Gelfo

It's been a while since I've read a book in this style and I really enjoyed it. You're not just reading about the main person (Hero), You are seeing and 'feeling' it from their perspective. The main character comes through as human, jacked up and doing the hero thing, but still human in point of view. Overall the author has a strong imagination and knows how to structure a good plot. The dozens of illustration and animations video on youtube really helped to tell the story. I would advice checking this out, the link is on the first or second page of this book download.


As a female reader new to science fiction, i really enjoyed the first novel. the present tense and single 'quotes, story telling style took some getting used to in the first chapter, but really worked in chapters 3-8. Brilliently implemented. Author definetly has good story telling skills, the book kept me curious to what happens next. A must read for people looking for something different.

Mike Anderson

very strong plot and author did a good job implementing science into the story. i have to admit, i've read all three books to the volume i series, after downloading the first one for free here. it took some time for the present tense story telling style to grow on me; but it does work well as you get into the story and main character is talking to another personality in his mind in book 2; Action throughout the novels was excellent, the pace was good. the editing of the book was well done. But book two started off kinda slow with the action when Jaden was put into a pysc hospital. the characters was well implemented into the story. Jaden's transformation into the Dark Energy Knight was well played out. The ending to book three was mind boggling, it really suprised me. There was a classic scene that reminded me of the movie "inner space" where Jaden was in his own body as a nano microbe. My favorite scenes to book 1 was: Exploring Jupiter and Europa, gravity tides and the UFO vs Airforce chase. Book 2 favorite scenes: Jaden exploring dr. Chan's mind and going into her past via nanomole and reexperiencing what her grandmother experience during the 1937 Japan attack on nanking china, as a history buff, it intrigued me that the author actually went there and told a substory. book 3 favorite scenes: The intense mind boggling 50 page car chase. Wow! and President S. Paylin fighting a robot in an exo-skeleton suit. and chapter Armageddon manhattan. Book 1 is definetly worth the free read, books 2 and 3 are must reads! Trust me.


not bad if somewhat brief

James Fannon

I'm looking forward to the next in the series. Keep 'em coming.


an unusual way of writing which I enjoyed

Joe Byrne

Continued:- About the plot, Jaden was a part of an experiment to see if his body could make it to the Andromeda galaxy in one piece, since the Andromedian people have an issue with their bodies making it in one piece into the Milky-way galaxy... - Jaden coming to the Andromedian people's planet caused a chain of events for Earth,,, the evil darclonians dispatched a mothership towards Earth and Jaden returning back there would be too risky. The politics of the Andromedian's elder counsel kept him stuck on their planet; Jaden misses his family and girlfriend back on Earth... As the story continues it continues to get interesting,,, Jaden playing chess with alien pieces that resembles the game "Battle chess", but much more funnier; and Jaden trains inside of "Gravity games" with Bellona and another alien called Bomani, who thinks primitive human brains can't compete with more advanced alien brains... then there is a space race where Jaden is flying in "his" UFO spaceship and is on a team, flying through space and using planet's Magnetosphere energy to go faster...visionary stuff. The end of the book leave off at a big cliff hanger where you have to read book 2, to see what happens next. The story definitely kept my interest and amazed me on every page. I haven't read a book like this in a while and i'm not a hard core sci-fi reader or big book reader. this book was written as if you are watching a movie or reading a detailed movie script.....very easy to follow and well described. Being a comic book reader and video game player, the illustrations throughout the book definitely made me like this book more. I just read the bialien Wikipedia at the bialien website and it really had me thinking to the amount of work this author put into his series...i ordered books 2 and 3 on paperback, but almost finished book 2 on my kindle ebook. the story gets better and better, i'm going to leave my feed back on book 2 and 3 in another comment blog. Before i started reading book 1, i read the professional book reviews and i thought the author made the book reviews up himself, since they sounded so good and i never heard of his name, but i referenced each review and then i finished the book to see for myself and i was blown away! It double checks I'm summing up this review; Its just a matter of time before this book series takes off (12 books????) Wow! I'M DEFINITELY HOOKED! i ordered my paperback copies on Amazon, and looking to get them autographed sometime in the future from this very talented author. R.k. rowling started off somewhere and Vlane carter is definitely heading in her path...this guy made a serious statement in the sci-fi and science world. HE HAS DONE ALOT OF WORK IN SCIENCE RESEARCH. I'm Joe Byrne and if you enjoyed this book like I did, then add me as a friend on facebook (nerdtradamus (at) gmail com). if you dislike this book, then be fair and leave a comment to what you didn't like about it here,,, PEOPLE! you're reading a well thought out novel for free, the least you can do is leave your feedback. over 2600 downloads and only 4 comments is kinda pathetic,,,later.

Joe Byrne

Awesome plot, excellent story telling skills and very good character development! Author's imagination on a 1-10, i'd give it a 9 1/2. sorry to the people reading this, but this book is worth a detailed review and full feedback,,, when the hero of the story "Jaden" gets a hold of a cool UFO spaceship at the end of Chapter 1 the story takes off faster. Jaden is controlling the ship with his mind and goes against the entire US Air force,,,(this would make a very cool movie btw) the things this ship is able to do is mind boggling,,, author really did his research on Stealth bombers, AC-130 gunships, SR-71 blackbirds, missiles and air to air combat,,,(as a person familar with the military, it was very intriguing). i liked the UFO and SR-71 race at the end of chapter 2, Jaden got the UFO to cheat and use a fraction of its warp engines in Earth atmosphere, very cool! From Chicago to North Korea in .1 seconds(Super sonic booms all around the planet). Chapter 3 the UFO is on cruise control warp to Jupiter; and i think the ship recharges with powerful lightening energy in Jupiter's lower atmosphere, author did a good job describing layers of Jupiters atmosphere; very educational,,, then the spaceship breaks through Jupiter's ice moon Europa, where Jaden learns of alien sea creatures deep in the salty ocean, mind boggling stuff; alien sharks, giant squids the size of buildings. "OPTIC-WARP!" Cool concept, (had to read twice to fully understand) the ship travels through stars, in subspace, in molecule pieces until it reaches the Galactic center bulge, then under the super massive black hole into the Andromeda galaxy,,, I didn't like too much the flashbacks at the end of chapter 3, while Jaden was traveling in the space ship, maybe should have been at the beginning or first chapter, it kinda slows down the speed of the story (i couldn't wait to see where the UFO was going to), but i was able to learn more about this character Jaden's background and history,,, I loved the character "BELLONA" she is one bad ass Bio-mechanical female alien warrior (loved her holographic tattoos around her body and metallic boobs in the illustrations); shes makes a mind boggling entrance into the story where her team has to rescue Jaden from a rival alien planet..... this scene is stuck in my head where Bellona is fighting aliens in milliseconds with a cool double energy sword, while her teammate partner flung rocks high into the atmosphere and they come back down as meteorites hitting/smashing aliens, while Bellona dodges them around her, still fighting these Skeleborg aliens...WTF? never read or watched a fight scene like this. it was like "the flash", "wonder women", and "the Jedi" was in Bellona. WHAT AN IMAGINATION! [The illustrations throughout the book helps out and gives the reader an idea of what the author wanted different scenes to look like to the reader; it definitely helps!] Bellona's past is very interesting since she used to be an organic alien but now mostly robotic,,, she has kept her soul and beliefs, even though she is 70,000 years old.,, the chemistry heats up between Jaden and Bellona; she has a history of falling for organic life forms which is against her Andromedian people laws. Bellona's people live in a virtual underwater city that is similar to "The Matrix", they use artificial bodies when in their city; they learned not to destroy their second planet the way they did their first, the message there is humans are heading into this path of destruction,,,(alot of messages in this book on how to evolve our thinking to save Earth.) anyway, planet xenos is so cool, it has gravity tides twice a day where the double moon causes the water in the ocean to float up to the clouds and fish adapted to this and have battles inside the clouds,,, alien sharks, eels, huge white lobsters and other alien animals have "gravity tide wars". Jaden and Bellona are floating around the planet using Nano-eyes, while their bodies are in the city,,, TO BE CONTINUED....


Good reading! Slows down sometimes with too much visiting of the past by the player


Awesome detail - really paints the picture.

manuel g. octobre

very good well plotted book..

Pam Caldwell

As a female romance reader i have to say i really really loved this book. I read all three books and it is a VERY well thought series with a strong plot and lots of science technologies.... The action is well described and makes you feel as if you are right next to Jaden Marino the hero....The things he goes through is really mind boggling. My best scenes were: Jaden traveling to Jupiter's moon Europa, Exploring planet Xenos in Andromeda Galaxy, Chapter: Miracle halo, chapter SUPERLOVER, and the mind boggling ending.... We begin our story with Jaden, a nineteen-year-old boy who is racing through the cornfield in the cold night air, trying desperately to remember the location of what he saw. This young man has always wanted to be an astronaut; he remembers when he stared up through his telescope at night and wondered when he would have the ability to become one with the stars. What he never counted on was the fact that he would see those stars up close and personal someday using a whole other mode of transport than the Space Shuttle. Close behind Jaden, in that cornfield, are military men with weapons drawn, trying desperately to stop him from finding what they seek for themselves. Their leader is Major Robinson. He's keeping close contact with his UF1-retrac team, which is desperately following the young Jaden to try and locate the UFO08 that they know landed somewhere in this "middle of nowhere" place. They need to find and capture this spacecraft as soon as possible; after all, it could be representing anything from a UFO attack, to a terrorist drill that could take out everyone on Earth. Seems strange, yes, but it's the year 1996 and these things have been happening for ages. When they see, through their scanners, the outline of a strange silver ship blinking on and off, like the aliens are playing a game of "now you see me, now you don't," Major Robinson knows that the young boy has found what they've all been searching for. A decision must be made by Jaden...a hard decision. Should he leave all of his family, friends, and his girlfriend Amy behind? There's a 50/50 chance that these alien beings are "friends," and seeing that the military firing bullets behind him are 100% enemies, Jaden takes the risk and enters the craft. As he literally walks into another world, Jaden first sees the nanoeyes (clear orbs that float through the air around him). They study his brain and body, downloading the information he has so they can teach themselves English in a split second of time. After a huge battle between the military on the ground - and a fantastic series of scenes that show Jaden flying over every city and town in the U.S. - the spaceship does what it needs to do and leaves Earth's atmosphere. The author brilliantly takes us into other dimensions, offering us planets with virtual cities, such as the world of the Andromedians - a place where anyone can be whatever they want to be (which would be really nice). There, Jaden meets Bellona, who can be a warrior like Xena with beauty, brains, and brawn one minute - then a mighty lion the next. In addition to her, we are given Marco - yet another character who is trying to save Jaden's life from the evil beings called Darclonians. Why would they save such a creature, considering that in the last 100,000 years they've barely met up with any intelligent lifeforms from Earth? Well...because these beings sense an anomaly in Jaden; the makings of a legendary good force that the world truly needs. Soon, Jaden is being trained by warriors, having fun in spaceship races, and playing with the nanotechnology at his fingertips, as Bellona tells him of the past, the history of her species, and the "bad" guys that are out there just waiting for their chance to destroy. When Jaden returns to Earth, it's the year 2014 and the first place he gets to see is the mental hospital's psycho ward where he's referred to as Mr. John Doe. From there he will meet up with AI, who becomes a true friend; he will see his old girlfriend Amy, who has a very big surprise; meet an amazing woman named Kim, who will perhaps steal his heart; and, take his first step toward becoming a true hero. Book 2 is very interesting when he returns to Earth 18 years later and only aged 2-3 months.


Vlane Carter

Imagine traveling from Earth to Jupiter in 30 minutes and then exploring Jupiter's ice ocean moon Europa, what ocean aliens will you encounter? Imagine traveling towards our Sun at the speed of light and thinking you are going to die, only to have your molecules vaporized with the spaceship and transported in subspace through a system called Optic-warp. Imagine waking up on up an alien planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that uses virtual worlds as a home city. Imagine meeting an Alien species 70,000 years ahead of humans, what will they tell you? What will you ask them? What is their species history? How can humans learn from the alien's past mistakes? Imagine learning Earth is about to be silently attacked by a rival species who want to use our bodies as part of a top secret experimental weapon that can destroy all alien species in the universe; and you are the only one who can help stop this attack. Would you allow alien Nanotechnology to evolve your body to super human levels where you'll be able to: Run and jump like the Hulk, defy and control gravity, create gravity shockwaves, create advanced energy shields, evolve your brain to think and move in Nanoseconds, and create atom ripper projectiles. Would you be up for an adventure of a life time? BIAlien volume I (3 books) takes your imagination on a visionary roller coaster ride and keeps you entertained with well thought out characters, plot and detailed action scenes. Read more including the 9 professional book reviews, BIAlien Wikipedia and science behind the BIAlien series at the main website below. "The next generation of Science Fiction has just begun." [READERS! Please leave feedback on this page and on Amazon. Thanks for the support]

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