The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

after class I had to do a few hours work.
After work, I arrived home to a hostile reception from Mum. “Tam, I have been ringing you
all day and you don’t even pick up the phone,” barked Mum.
“Well the world does not evolve around you and your damn house,” I said, not giving a
“Well, I just need the shed’s stuff to be sorted out as the bloke is coming to pick it up at the
end of the week,” said Mum gruffly.
“Well, you have to consider my work and classes, Mum,” I said, feeling well and truly
cheesed off.
“Dan told me that you can do your course online and that you can do a few hours for him
instead of working for that shonky café,” indicated Mum.
“It is really none of anyone’s business where I work or study, but my own, and just tell Dan
I am not interested in working for him. I would rather beg on the street than take his blasted
orders,” I said flatly.
“O h, is that so, Tam,” smirked Mum.
“Yes, that is so, smartarse,” I said as I slammed the door, whishing I could just vanish into
thin air and not have to deal with this family ever again.
A few days later, Dan was ringing up about problems with the deed application. We would
now have to go to the land titles office to fill in some forms. “Okay then, tell Dan to email me
the details and I’ll put them on the form,” I faltered.
“No he wants to fax the details, but your fax isn’t working…so I have suggested the local
post office, Tam,” said Mum.
“No Mum, Dan can email me the details…keep it simple, stupid,” I barked at her.
“Tam, are you trying to sabotage my sale of my house,” smirked Mum.
“No but you and Dan are deliberately making it difficult on me when you are fully well
aware that I have my own work and study to do,” I faltered trying to stand up for my rights but
not succeeding.
“Poppycock Tam, those few classes and work you do. Dan says that you have more than
enough time to fit in what he wants,” Mum stated seriously.
“O h, is that so, and do I get paid for it,” I retorted, becoming quite fed up with her smart
aleck remarks.
“Are you trying to be a bitch to Dan and I,” said Mum with a smug face. “I just don’t
understand you and frankly I blame your father for allowing you to behave in such an appalling
“Well the same could be said about Dan. That bloody shitface,” I said as I went to my room
feeling downcast and deflated.
Over the next few days, in between work and classes, I managed to tidy up the shed. That