The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I started to make headway in the rubbish. I sorted them out in three piles: true rubbish to be
collected by the waste disposal, the pile for charity and the rest to keep. It was exhausting work
and it did not make it easy when Mum came down and started asking nonsocial questions. “Now,
would you be able to go through the rubbish again and see if you haven’t accidentally thrown out
the title deed,” said Mum, oblivious to all the hard work that I have done.
“Why don’t you do that yourself? I have no idea what a title deed looks like,” I said, trying
to pretend that I was totally stupid.
“Don’t give me that Tam. Just look for it as I cannot sell the house without it,” said Mum.
“Now I will make you a cuppa and let me know if you have found it.”
I looked once again and I could not find it. Then, I went upstairs to have a cuppa and Mum
asked “Did you find it, Tam?”
“No Mum, I could not,” I faltered. “Now is my time and I am going to finish off my paper.”
“Well, I have just spoken to Dan and he wants to fa x you details on how to fill out a new
application for the title deed.
“Well my fax is broken down and he can dictate to me over the phone,” I said.
“You know Dan has pride in his work and doesn’t want to have the details confused,” said
“Who says that I am incapable of taking down a few notes,” I wailed.
“Now take it steady, Tam. Is there something wrong with you,” asked Mum, knowing full
well she was well and truly getting on my blasted nerves.
“Well, you can do that yourself then, smartarse,” I said.
“Now Tam, you know that Dan is prominent in his work and it is wise to follow his
“O h okay. When does he want it done, Mum,” I barked.
“Tomorrow and I will give you the money,” said Mum, smirking.
The next day it was cold, wet and raining, but despite my protests, I had to fulfill Mum’s
requirements to pay for an ad as the title deed was missing. Once I was done completing all the
rigmarole and paying the receptionist, I walked out and went to class. Then, Mum phoned me in
the middle of class for something, but I switched my mobile off and promptly forgot about it as