The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

Then, I remembered the tunnel and thought I would go and do a little exploring. I tugged at
the side of the bookcase and sure enough, it opened slightly. All of a sudden, I heard footsteps
coming down the hallway and it sounded like the food trolley as well as somebody else. I quickly
pushed the bookcase shut and it just closed in time as Spike and the food trolley arrived in
unison. “Here are your meals and the bonus surprise courtesy of the Walf,” said the trolley man,
lifting up a small package for each of us.
“What is that,” I asked the trolley man.
“Just open and see for yourself. I best be off as I have meals to deliver on two floors instead
of one today.”
I opened the package and there were all sorts of delectable items: Belgian chocolates and
sumptuous biscuits and muffins. “Look at this Spike,” I said as I saw him opening his own
package. “Now what have you got in there?”
“Well look at this, smoked yak cheese, smoked yak meat slices, crackers and some wine
with some pate.”
“Wow,” I said to Spike.
“We get all this for just hacking a few mainframes,” I blurted out.
“Shhhhh, don't say that,” Spike retorted, “or you might just bite the hand that feeds you.”
“Ooops,” I thought to myself. The sooner that I am out of this place the better. I plonked down
on the bed and thought about the tunnel. “Spike, I am really sorry about before…I should not
have gone off the deep end with you,” I faltered.
“That is okay, Tam. Sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, but the most important thing is that
you had the decency to apologize for matters,” said Spike giving me a peck.
“How about we enjoy this, Spike,” I said looking at all the goodies the Walf had given us
“Okay Tam,” said Spike. Just as he sat down there was a Beep! Beep Beep! and Spike lifted
his pager to check. “Oh shit Tam, I have to go as there is another problem with the power grid.
The power station looks like it is going to shut down if I don't sort the mess out.”
“O h my God, how long will you be Spike?”
“I could be hours. I am really sorry about this,” he replied.
“That is all right,” I assured him.
“Well I best be off,” and he pecked me on the cheek as he left for the power station with
cheese and crackers in hand.
I waited until everything was silent and locked my door.