The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

night in preparing for a busy day tomorrow.
The day arrived with our usual bell and I awoke to find out that Spike was not there. His bed
had been slept in. I packed his bed up and prepared for work. I bumped against the bookcase that
was near my bed and winced in pain. I heard something moving and stooped over to where my
bookcase was and could not believe my eyes. I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming
or still asleep. Now there was a tunnel, but where on earth it leads to I had no idea. “What in
god’s name is this place and how many more surprises was I in for?”
I inched forward and found that I could stand upright in the tunnel with my bare feet. I was
going to go further inside when I realized I had to get dress and eat my breakfast. With a stroke
of luck, the bookcase closed and I placed a piece of cardboard in it just for good measure as I
was unsure of the mechanism it used.
I had just finished breakfast when Spike arrived looking disheveled. “Where the hell have
you been, Spike? I have been so worried!”
“Just another day at the darn power grid. It is having problems,” said Spike.
“O h Christ,” I said sounding concerned. “Now here is your breakfast, Spike,” I said, handing
him his meal.
“Thanks so much, Tam… is appreciated.”
“Oh crumbs, Spike we’re going to be late,” I wailed.
“No we have time to spare as I have a green slip to cover the both of us,” beamed Spike. “I
am going to tutor you today, Tam. Texno is doing other work. Well, I am having a quick shower
before work.”
Soon we were both ready to go and walked up to the purple room. I slid my arm and the
door opened, and Spike followed me by doing the same. I had no sooner sat down at my work
station when somebody came over to my desk. “Hi, I don't believe we have met. I am the
“I am pleased to meet you,” I said automatically, as I shook his soft white cold hand. That
feeling sent shivers down my spine.
As the Vulcan walked away. he asked Spike, “Now have you got your green permission slip
to cover your late arrival as well as Ms Tam.”
As Spike handed over the paper, I took in the Vulcan with those steely green eyes and that
large T on his face, as well as his jet black hair done with indigo blue foils. His whole look gave
me the poops, but I did not let on at all, I was just here doing a job and nothing else. “Now what
is on roster for Tam to complete for today, Vulcan?”
“How about try and get into the Pentagon's secret files today.