The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

Then, I heard someone knocking, and it was Spike with his bedding and gear. I bent down to
help him and my food hit something. “Ouch,” I winced as I checked my toe. Soon, something
moved near my bed. “What in the hell is that Spike?”
Spike smiled and said, “Tam, I was wondering how long it would take you to find the extra
bed. “Here Tam look!” Spike pulled at something and the whole design resembled a large
sandwich as it plonked to the floor with a thud.
“O h my goodness, who would have thought of such a thing,” I said.
“Pretty nifty, isn’t it Tam, and look it pops out of the bed’s mattress. Look here,” said Spike
as he showed me how it was made.
“Now I will put my sheets and blankets on it and there goes my pillow, Tam,” said Spike as
he made up his bed.
“Wow,” now I have seen everything,” I exclaimed.
“Well that is what I thought until I found my old belonging and backpack,” said Spike
“Blimey,” I said not wanting to draw attention to what I had just found.
“I think it was a trap by the Walf as I rang back home and poor old Owl suffered as a direct
result,” said Spike, looking sad as he remembered his friend Owl.
“Spike, you mustn’t blame yourself,” I mumbled, trying to offer Spike the moral support he
needed. “How about some hot chocolate as we have a busy day tomorrow in the purple room?”
“Thanks Tam, I could not have put it better myself,” said Spike, bending over and giving me
a peck.
“You’re welcome, Spike,” I said.
“Tam, that is what I love about you. You know how to relate to me and to make me feel
good about myself” beamed Spike.
“I am pleased to be able to help, Spike,” I said.
“Tam, how would you like a little something from me,” said Spike smiling.
“Okay what is it?”
“Close your eyes and open your mouth,” said Spike cheekily.
I close my eyes and felt something cold in it. “Mmm, that tastes great!”
“Tantor gave them to me and told me to enjoy it,” said Spike. So the both of us enjoyed a