The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

“Ssssssshh, Texno, the Walf has upgraded the security so he can bloody hear everything
now! Can you for God sake shut up,” hissed Spike.
“O h Christ has he?”
“Yes he has.”
“Have you heard from Owl since, Spike?”
“No,” said Spike not wanting to draw attention to himself.
“What was that all about,” I asked.
“I tell you tonight, Tam,” said Spike softly.
Texno motioned me to go to computer station number 13. “Now Ms Benderson, can you
switch this on?”
“Sure,” I said. I thought that these computers were like the ones I was working on at Hungry
Jacks. I was just about to switch it on and thought I would play it. “Mmm! Not sure about the
system as it looks like an intranet network or something.”
“Well done Tam. No wonder you were recommended by the Walf as you use your initiat ive.
Now here is how we log in and this is your code to get in and surf in stealth mode, unlike any
other system of the world,” said Texno.
“O h wow,” I said, and noticed that Spike was smiling as I was shown directions. I felt like
asking him how to email my family, but thought I would better shut up about that for the
moment. All of a sudden, Texno received a beep on his pager that was attached to his grey and
black suit. “Now Tam, I have to see the Walf’s lieutenant, and Spike, would you be able to teach
her the codes to hack into the mainframes? Make sure she writes them down and that should do
her for today,” said Texno.
“Sure,” said Spike, looking at me.
“Now if you have time, Spike, run over the basics of C with Tam,” he said, exiting the room.
“Right oh,” said Spike.
Spike explained to me how to use the codes to hack into the FBI headquarters. The job was
to monitor what they were up to and make notes for the Texno in the log book kept under the
computer desk. “Now Tam, do you think you can do this on your own while I get you a drink?”
“O f course, Spike. I will try,” I said as I punched the codes in to get into the mainframe of
the FBI. I looked into the Walf’s database and made notes on the procedures listed in the modus
operadi. There was a lot to learn.
I thought I would be sneaky and look at any FBI files relating to my disappearance. There it
was in black and white: a report that said I had not been seen for over six months. It also noted
contact had been made after I disappeared and that Detective Poulos was still looking for me.
Footsteps could be heard and it was Spike with a hot drink. “Tam, have you switched on the
purple light at the back?”