The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I laid down and was almost asleep when I heard somebody shuffling at the end of the
corridor. I listened while as the footsteps came closer and decided to investigate. I walked down
the passageway and saw someone who resembled Merlin the magician. “Hi, who are you,” said
the elderly gentleman.
“I am Tam,” I said, not knowing what to say.
“Pleased to meet you, Tam, and I am Hare,” said the elderly gent peering at me and trying to
find his way. “I have lost my way.”
“Where do you have to go, Hare?”
“To the junction as I have to be there soon as I am one of the higher workers,” he said,
looking downcast.
“OMG, AM I DREAMING OR WHAT,” I thought to myself while looking at the thin
figure wearing a silver robe with Triad written all over it. “Okay, but I really do not know my
way around this place, Hare,” I said.
“Now, Tam, how long have you been hostage here?”
“Around six months or so,” I said.
“I have been here over 10 years,” sighed the hare. “Now we can continue our chat and you
can show me the way to the Junction as my eyes are failing. Show me the way via the green strip
and that should lead you to the junction. Is it in front of you, Tam?”
“Yes it is,” I smiled, walking with the Hare.
“Now, who are you sleeping next to…at your quarters?”
“A guy by the name of Spike,” I said not giving any further information.
“Well I have heard of him and I am warning you to be on guard when he is around,” Hare
“Why, what has he done as I have only seen him once and that was only briefly,” I lied,
thinking now that I had to deal with resident evil next door.”What I meant, Tam,” replied Hare,
seeing my concerned face, “is that he is a keeper and if you managed to get a bloke like that then
you are lucky to have him. He tried to get my brother Owl out of this place, but the Walf’s
associates caught him in the act. He was lucky to not have been killed for his actions, but he is
now put in a position of doing the most mundane work here, just plain laboring at the power grid
when he could be exposing the Walf’s evil deeds to the world and bringing the whole