The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I woke up a little while later and Spike was sitting there. “Now what did the Walf have to
say for himself, Tam?”
“Not much …but I am to work in the computer hacking department,” I smiled.
“Tam that is excellent!”
“Spike, is there anyone else here,” I faltered, feeling like the worst woman in the world.
“No, the doctor and the nurse have left and they allowed me to visit you here, Tam. What is
“Well, the Walf kissed me and was you know...” I said, looking down.
“O h is that all, Tam,” said Spike.
“So you’re not angry, Spike,” I barked.
“No, you are in an awkward position and that is part of playing the game to survive this hell
hole. I totally understand, but whatever you do don’t sleep with him,” said Spike seriously.
“Nooooooooo,” I said.
“Did he offer you alcohol Tam?”
“Yes he did. Burrrrrrp,” I said, belching in front of Spike.
“Next time, tip the alcohol in the pot plants, but make sure you ask him to get some
chocolate or something like that, so then his back will be turned. He will be none the wiser,” said
Spike seriously.
“O h blimey, I never thought of that,” I said.
“O ne advantage of being here for ten years, Tam, is I am in the know. Now, I better head off
and you need to get to bed to have some rest,” said Spike giving me a kiss.
I slept soundly until morning when the doctor called me to check if I was wanting some
breakfast. “Now how are you feeling, Tam?”
“Not too bad,” I said.
“Well how about we let you get to your quarters, but before we do the Walf wants to know
if you are interested in undertaking the new position,” asked the doctor.
“Sure I am,” I said.
“Well here is your reading material and try to understand it before next week,” said the
doctor handing me books.
I looked at them. They said “C drive” and had all the computer techno information that I