The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

The Walf clicked his fingers and somebody came in with a meal tray. “Now that will be all,
Valcar,” said the Walf seriously. “Now Tam, open up your meal and enjoy.”
I opened up my meal and saw that it was lobster and the biggest one I had ever seen. “You
have to keep your strength up, Tam,” said the Walf gulping down his food and belching.
“O h Christ,” I thought, “what a pig.”
The food was delicious. Walf kept pouring champagne into my glass and I was feeling a
little light headed. “Tam, what do you reckon about cha nging jobs to computer hacking,” smiled
the Walf.
“I don’t know that much about computers,” I faltered.
“Says who?”
“I am over 35 and really am not what you call an expert,” I faltered.
“Tam, I have watched your progress and you are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit
“Really,” I said suddenly bursting into a fit of burping due to the pink champagne.
“Hey, don’t worry about that, but are you interested, Tam?” Walf sat next to me and moved
closer to me. I tried to flinch but decided to play alo ng with the Walf as he moved closer and
closer and place his arm around my shoulder. He proceeded to kiss me until he turned my face
around and passionately kissed me on the mouth. I had no choice but to respond to his fervent
“Tam, is there something wrong?”
“No, not really, but I want to talk and get to know you first before jumping into things,” I
said, not wanting to say I was well and truly pissed off.
“Well okay, then let’s talk,” said the Walf as he held me close to him. “You should not be so
tense, Tam.” The Walf tried to relax my shoulders.
“Just nervous here.”
“I can feel it and why?”
I felt like saying, “What you are doing is wrong and its criminal,” but I decided to divert the
attention from me to him. “What do you believe in, Walf?”
“I am modeling myself on Adolf Hitler,” said the Walf, as he stood up in salute of him.
“He killed so many people and committed genocide of the Jews,” I faltered.
“That, I did not agree on, Tam. You are quite correct in that. I do not believe in killing
people,” said the Walf, sounding almost sincere, but he did have some good ideas.
“You mean the idea of child endowment and working for the dole and all that,” I said.
“How do you know that Tam?”
“Well, my dad was in a prison camp...and he told me all I really needed to know about the
Second World War,” I smiled.
“I had no idea, Tam. Wow!”