The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

these coins,” I faltered.
“There the same for the vending machine nearby, Tam, so all is taken care of. Now are you
ready,” said Spike, giving me a big jacket.
“O f course Spike,” I said as I kissed him. “Now if I don’t make it, can you make sure David
and Jenny are notified?”
“O f course Tam,” said Spike.
I sneaked out, making sure nobody saw me leave and went down the passage way and
outside. I walked and walked and saw in the distance that there was a small teahouse and smiled.
Soon I will be there and help will arrive. There was a little stream nearby and I stopped to have a
drink, noting the beauty of the mountain as I proceeded to walk towards the bridge. All of a
sudden, I did not see the slippery rock underneath my feet and fell on the back of my head. I
called out for help, thinking that now I would be in serious troub le with the Walf. My throat was
getting hoarse and I passed out with exhaustion
I don’t know how long I had been out, but I heard Spike say, “She’s coming around Doc.”
“Now how’s the head Ms. Benderson,” said an unfamiliar voice. I tried to sit up but
everything was blurry as I tried to open my eyes.
“Take it easy, Tam,” said Spike, seriously, as I opened my eyes and wondered where the
hell I was. My eyes grew accustomed to the light and saw that I was in a hospital of some
“I am Doctor Zalt, and you have had quite a nasty bump to the head Ma'am.”
As I sat upright, I winced because of the pain in my head, but noticed that the plaster on my
arm was gone. “How long have I been out Doc,” I winced.
“Several weeks. I have taken your plaster off and x-rayed your wrist as it has all healed.
Now are you interested in a hot meal?”
“O h yes, please,” I said.
“Well I will just go and get it for you as well as some more painkillers,” said the doctor.
“Thanks,” I said.
When the doctor closed the door Spike said, “Now you were that close to being found,
Tam,” said Spike seriously.
“Really, how did you know that?”
“That is because I followed you about half- an-hour later and saw that you were unconscious
and brought you back to the control room. I made out you slipped there, but I made sure to take
off jacket and the tracking devices in your shoes, so nobody would be the wiser,” smiled Spike.
“So in other words, Spike, you saved my life?”
“O f course, Tam. You do anything for someone you really love,” said Spike, kissing me.