The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I must have slept through the night. The next morning, I awoke to somebody knocking. I got
up and it was somebody with food. “Hi Ma'am, here is your breakfast and here are your
directions,” he said.
“O h,” I said, looking at a piece of paper.
“I will show you the ropes. Do you mind if I explain things here Ma'am,” said a blonde man.
“No not at all,” I said while looking at him suspiciously.
“Thanks. First, of all, I am Spike and my quarters are next door,” he smiled.
“I am Tam,” I said, trying to avoid looking into his blue eyes.
“Welcome Tam. I am here to show you how to work a power grid,” he grinned.
“A what, Spike?”
“A power grid.”
“Blimey, I had no idea,” I said.
“That is okay. I have been here for over ten years, Tam, so I’ll show you how to do things,
but first let’s eat.”
Both of us sat down and ate our scrambled egg and toast with fruit juice. I tried to avoid
gazing at Spike lustfully because I had to find a way out and not reveal my plans.
As I had finished my breakfast, Spike said, “Now here is your uniform and I will meet you
outside in five, Tam.”
I took the packet, which included make up, and put my uniform on and a dark T on my face,
then met Spike outside my quarters. “Ready Tam,” he asked.
“Sure,” I said nervously.
We went along several escalators and conveyor belts till we hit the power grid and work.
“Now this is, Tam, people,” said Spike.
“O h the newbie, Spike,” said one gruff man looking me up and down.
“Yes, Tantor. Tam will be following my directions,” said Spike.
“O f course you know more than me when it comes to the power grid, Spike,” indicated
“Now we are near the edge of the mountain, Tam,” said Spike, “and I will teach you how to
man the controls for temperature regulation and what not.”
“Okay,” I said as I followed directions and making sure I did not draw attention to myself.