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“Well it appears that somebody has hacked into the Walf’s server and shut down the whole shebang, plus taken a large sum of cash as well,” indicated Spike seriously.

I tried hard not to laugh in his face and said, “Oh crap, now what I’m starved,” I said pretending to look bewildered at the current situation.

“I know, Tam, just grab a snack here and a drink and I will see if we’re needed on duty,” said Spike.

“Okay, I said as Spike left. Suddenly, Troy and the other Voles came through the tunnel were there smiling from ear to ear.

“How are things upstairs, Tam? Is that enough chaos for you?” He grinned.

“You rat, Troy,” I chuckled .

“Now Tam, you go with Munga and go and get the women here. Lune you stay in the tunnel with Khandi and make sure the women get away safe, and for God sake, keep Khandi with Mova at our place and don’t let the Walf near her.”

“Yes Troy. She is already there,” said Lune nervously.

“Great how about you all go and get them,” said Troy holding up his arms as if he was boarding the Trojan horse. Just then, as Troy and the Voles were going out of the bedroom, in walks Spike.

“Now what in God’s name is going on, Tam? And is that you, Karl?”

“No, I am Troy and this is D-Day and you are going to be rescued. Interpol is on its way,” said Troy.

“Are you serious, Tam? How can you be so dam sure you can trust these people,” said Spike seriously. Troy walked up closer to me and then Spike said to Troy, “You move another step and I will knock your block off. Tam is my woman and I love her very much!”

“Point taken, Spike, but all this dilly dallying is delaying the rescue. Is that what you want? Work with me and follow me and we will get everyone out to meet Connor and Interpol. So how about it,” said Troy assertively.

“Okay. What do I do, Troy,” said Spike uneasily.

“Follow me and Munga’s nephews.”

Then, Spike and I went with Munga. Munga and I were making out way down the hallway using torches and it was a scene of mass panic. “This way, Munga,” I said, as I could see many of the workers running around not knowing what to do. I said in an authoritarian voice to the large group of women, “Follow me to safety near the tunnel!” I held some of the women’s hands and the others grabbed on to Munga’s hands and we went down to my quarters. Troy was there with other women.

“Oooooooooh! We are going to be freed,” they said. Lune helped all of them get into the large laser cars and with a whooooooosh they were gone.

“Now the next load,” I said, giving everyone a high five. All of a sudden, I could hear popping in the distance and the smell of smoke. “What in the hell is going on, Troy,” I said coughing and spluttering as smoke filled the air.

“That is nothing to worry about, Tam and Spike, but the network is going into meltdown and the power grid will overload and catch fire.”

“Will anyone die,” I asked, wondering if Troy had gone too far to bring the Walf down.

“No. Now Tam, honestly, what kind of monster do you think I am?”

“Will the Walf be able to pin this all on me?”

“Tam, you have to stop worrying and start rescuing more people

Time after time, all of us went in every direction, and being careful not to start a panic, we brought people to my quarters and to freedom. One woman remarked, “Jesus , now I have heard it all!”

“Tam get you check what is going on in the mountain please,” said Troy seriously.

“I’ll go with you, Tam,” said Munga.

I ran through the corridors, checking for the stragglers and telling everyone I saw to follow me to where the nephews of Munga were helping with the rescue, which was near the helipad. The area was full of rescued people and rescuers with megaphones, directing all the people. It was just a complete state of pandemonium. The people were overwhelmed by the situation.

They were told to form a single file, so that they all could be transported to the evacuation centre. “Tam, they are okay and on their way to rescue. We had better check if there is anyone left behind,” said Munga seriously.

I went back one more time through the hallways and it was practically deserted now. I rounded up the last of the hostages and, together with Munga, ran down to my quarters. “This is the last of them, I think.”

“You could say that,” said Munga, sounding weary.

There was no one in the tunnel and it was all dark and quiet. I began to panic, thinking it would be ironic if after all this time I was the only one who did not get rescued. Time and time again I pressed the pink button and no result.

The group was starting to get restless. They had been through enough that morning and they were wondering if it wasn’t a trap. One of the women started to cry and Munga and I tried to calm her down. When it all seemed hopeless, Troy came along in his red laser car. “Sorry to have kept you waiting, Tam and Munga. All the women are out now and in the rescue centre in Bhutan.”

“I am glad, Troy,” I said, starting to yawn as the last load of young men and women boarded the laser car.

“Now all of you...your mothers are already rescued,” said Troy, sounding authoritarian. “Thanks so much,” they said in unison, tears streaming down their faces as they boarded the laser car.

What a day and I had not even had breakfast yet. “Tam, just go and check the helicopter pad,” said Troy.

“I’ll come with you, Tam,” said Munga.

I just stepped outside and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that everyone had been rescued.

“Watch out, Tam,” said Munga trying to protect me, but to no avail. Someone had grabbed me from behind and was armed.

“You move one inch and I'll kill her,” snarled the Walf, who I could see at the corner of my eye. He proceeded to take me upstairs to the penthouse. I kept calm and did not say anything, but felt like I was going to faint as he took me further and further up the mountain and the new crew were following the scenario. “You know what happens to double crossers and you are the bitch that destroyed my whole world,” sneered Karl into my ears.

I did not say anything and tried to look for a way out, but there was none as we reached the penthouse. Quickly, Karl had me inside and he locked the door.

“Open the door, Karl,” said an Interpol man with a nametag that said, “Ez.” “We will do a deal.”

“No way! No deal, she stays with me,” sneered Karl, as he looked at me with hostility.

“Are you okay in there, Tam,” said a voice.

“Yes,” I said, and then my mouth was gagged.

“Now what is this, Tam,” said the Walf as we could hear the commotion outside. “You set me up and I don’t like double crossers!”

I was suddenly feeling sure of myself and trying to find a way out.

“What is wrong with living here, Tam?”

I started to think of a song that would make him see sense. All of a sudden, I spit out the gag and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” came to me and I sang for the Walf. I was singing it in opera and he stood there spellbound. “Wow I never knew you could sing like that, Tam.” Walf came closer to me to kiss, me but I backed off. “WTF Tam!”

“Did you listen to one word I sang?”

“No not really, Tam,” said the Walf.

I heard banging outside and knew that our time was almost up. I saw that there was a can of pepper near where I was sitting and I sprayed it in his face. The Walf screamed in pain. “Tam bugger you!” I opened the door and tried to escape and I saw Spike looking their dumbfounded, just outside the door. The Walf grabbed onto my leg, but Ez saw what was going on and that the Walf was armed. “Put the gun down!”

“No way you bastard! This is what traitors deserve,” said Karl, holding my leg tighter and to the point I could not move, but I kept calm.