The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

After many pills and pretending to be asleep, the plane landed on pad 12. “Now where do
we take her, Boss,” said Fat Manuel.
“Has she taken her last pill?”
“Yes,” said Fat Manuel.
“Well to the quarters where the workers for the power grid are and the Walf wants her to be
well looked after for some reason,” said the boss.
“Well we better do what he says or we’ll end up like Snoz did a few months ago.”
I was popped on a stretcher that was colored silver and b lack and transported through a
labyrinth of alleyways. Finally we reached my quarters and popped gently on my bed. Soon,
there was a meal popped on the table with juice and coffee and then my door was closed quietly,
but not locked. I waited and did not hear any footsteps. I looked around my room, which had a
bookcase, shower, toilet bed and a lamp as well as heating. The meal was under a silver bowl
and as I lifted it up, I saw that it was beef wellington, vegetables and apple pie with custard for
dessert. I was so hungry I ate the lot and tried to think of what happened in the last forty eight
hours. It was too much and I drifted off to sleep.