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“Well I am relieved that they are not on to me, Troy,” I said sighing.

“If they were, Tam, then it will come up green on my gadget, as well as yours. For now, head down and bum up doing your work and avoid any suspicious activity,” said Troy.

“Okay,” I said, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

“Tam, we are on your side and are buying time and waiting until the moment is right for the siege,” indicated Troy.

“When do I know that the siege is on,” I said.

“I won’t tell you, Tam, but it is soon.” Looking at my scared face, Troy reached in his pocket. “Here is a calming gummi bear. It will settle your nerves, Tam.”

“Mmmmmm,” I said as I popped it into my mouth.

“It is Lune’s specialty. It is all natural,” said Troy.

“I better be off,” I said hastily as I got out of the car.

Troy pulled me back with one arm and I looked shocked for a moment. “Tam, aren’t you forgetting something,” he said, looking at my shoes that Lune had given to me.

“Oops,” I said to Troy and promptly slipped them off my feet.

“Now Tam, get into your bedroom, and quickly before you are discovered,” said Troy, almost pushing me out of the tunnel.

“See you tomorrow, Troy, and thanks for everything,” I said. I pressed open the door and went into my quarters. Troy whooshed off into the distance. No sooner had I closed the tunnel door and dashed under the shower that I heard a knock on the door. I poked my head around the door and saw that it was Spike looking exhausted.

“How is it going Tam?” he asked.

“Great. I finished early,” I said.

“How about we have a meal together tonight?”

“Sure no worries, Spike.” I was suddenly feeling tired after a long day but I was not letting on.

“Tam, where were you as I looked for you on a break at the computer room and they said that you had left hours ago,” said Spike seriously.

“That is correct.”

“You’re not ill again, Tam?”

“No, nothing of the sort. In fact I could not be better,” I replied trying to avoid an interrogation.

“How come you finished so early, and did you complete the two days of work?”

“Hey, what is with all the questions? I got it done and dusted because I am learning tricks from some of the others there.”

“Wow, that is excellent, Tam,” said Spike giving me a hug.

“I know and I could not be happier doing this line of work. It really suits me to a tee and I thoroughly enjoy it,” I said.

“Well, I am glad, Tam,” said Spike beaming.

“I am doing money laundering and all that, plus doing the Vulcan’s work as well,” I said, sounding downcast when realizing I was engaging in a criminal activity.

Spike sensed and knew how I was feeling. “Tam, I know it is tough being here and doing all this stuff, but you are doing the best you can in the current situation…we both are,” said Spike, hugging me tighter.

All of a sudden, I could hear the familiar sound of the food trolley. “Here are extra food bonuses from the Walf,” indicated the trolley man as he handed the both of us a large package. “Is that all for me? That is so much more than what I had before. Look at this, Spike!”

“Yes Ms Tam, you have done well and the Walf has rewarded you” the trolley guy beamed.

I lifted the lid on the plate and saw the best seafood platter I could ever imagine. “Yum this looks sensational! What have you got, Spike?”

Spike opened the lid of his and it turned out he had the same.

“Well I best be off,” said the trolley man. “Here is something extra for you.” It was a small packet of the most expensive truffles.

“OMG, where the hell does the Walf get all this stuff,” I queried.

“Don’t ask me, but how about we both enjoy it, Tam,” said Spike.

“First of all, let’s light a few candles,” I said, sounding romantic.

It was an enjoyable evening, but the reality was I had to face yet another day as a hostage thanks to the Walf.