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“It is appreciated, Tam. How about a real treat for you? We will take you to the kings palace tomorrow,” said Lune.

“Okay, why not?”

I had just got into my room, pretending to take a shower when Spike walked in, looking disheveled and haggard. “That damn power grid is just about cactus, Tam. How was your day?”

“Not too bad,” I said, not drawing attention to that meeting with the Walf.

“Well tonight I will go to my room, Tam, as I am just plain exhausted. I hope you don’t mind,” said Spike giving me a peck as he went to his own room.

“No, I don’t, Spike,” I said calmly, feeling a sense of achievement in getting out of k7.

The next day, I had early duties to fill at the purple room. “Hi Tam would you mind sitting with me for breakfast,” said the Vulcan seriously.

“Sure,” I said wondering what he was on about.

“Now sit down and I’ll get you some breakfast,” said the Vulcan. He came back with two plates of bacon, egg, tomato and cereal with a pot of coffee.

“Mmmmmmmmm, this looks great, Vulcan,” I said.

“I had hoped you would like it,” beamed the Vulcan. “Now, would you mind doing my job of money laundering as well as your own, as I have to help Spike with the power grid? It keeps malfunctioning all the time and is on the verge of needing to be replaced at this stage.”

“Oh blimey, Vulcan,” I faltered.

“Yes, it is extra work. I will make sure you will get extra bonuses from the Walf.”

“Well in that case, sure Vulcan,” I said, making sure my device was well and out of mind and out of sight.

“Now, do you want anything else to eat, Tam?”

“No, I am good but thanks, Vulcan,” I said.

“Well, I am going to the power grid. Here is what I have to do. Use your station to do my work,” said the Vulcan.

“Okay,” I said as I walked to my computer station.

After several hours work without a break, I finished and was allowed to go to my quarters. I was just about to drift off when I remembered that I had to go and see Troy and the Voles. So, I got up, locked my door from the inside and made my way to the bookcase carrying some supplies. I pressed the pink button and Troy came to meet me in no time with a whooooooooooooooosh in his red laser car.

Soon, I was relaxing with all the other Voles who were trying to bring down the Walf . “Now do you want some pancakes and calming tea, Tam,” asked Lune.

“Of course, why not,” I said. Lune gave them to me on a rustic plate.

“Now we are slowly bringing the whole computer system down, Tam, bit-by-bit and that is why certain things will start to malfunction,” said Troy, and the Voles smiled. “With Munga’s help, you were the key to us getting this far.”

“Why thank you for saying that,” I said realizing the love and support I was receiving from the Voles who had not the riches of the world, but their knowledge, trust for one another and loyalty.

“Now Tam, how did you go with the device,” Troy asked.

“Excellent Troy, as I had to do the Vulcan’s work as well,” I said.

“Yes, but don’t make a habit of using it all the time, otherwise the Vulcan or one of the others will start getting suspicious. The point is to remember that all the codes to hacking and money laundering can be found by following a certain set of procedures and figuring it all out for yourself. Like this,” indicated Troy, making a few quick diagrams on a scrap sheet of paper.

“Thanks so much for that point, Troy,” I said .

“I have the core files of the Walf, so I am now keeping tabs on exactly what is going on,” said Troy. “I know that you are going to have another long day tomorrow, Tam.”

“Oh blimey,” I said, feeling more and more secure by the Voles who were supporting me in my hour of need.

“Now, how about let’s go to the king’s palace,” said Lune.

“Sure Lune” said Troy,” but have you enough supplies for the trip?”

“Well, if you are interested, I have bread, cheese and several platters for you to enjoy.” I smiled, showing what I had.

“That is really nice of you to consider us like that,” Lune said as she smiled back at me.

“Now are you ready to go with Mum and Tam, Khandi,” said Troy.

“Yes, I am,” said Khandi, beaming with those ebony eyes of hers.

“I nearly forgotten to take this little baby,” indicated Troy holding up a complicated looking set of devices.

“Now Troy what in God’s name have you there,” I asked, looking at what he was holding in his hand.

Troy smiled back at me and said , “See this pink read out here? This is your supervisor's alert system and this is the Walf’s alert system. You said that they could call you up at any time, right?”

“Yes, spot on,” I said, nodding in awe at Troy’s true genius.

“Well no sooner you are required, a second later the alert goes to my computer and this little baby beeps and then in double-quick time I will put you in the laser car and get you home.”

“OMG,” I said.”

“For the moment, Spike is still at the power grid, so you are right for now. You can enjoy your outing at the king’s palace.”

We piled into the black laser car at the back of the Voles hideout and ventured off to the king’s palace in Bhutan. Soon, the car went woooooooooosh and we were going faster and faster. Troy pushed a series of buttons in the car and it closed itself up while increasing in speed. The next thing I knew, we exited the mountain of K7.

“Now first things first, we will hide the car over here, and here, put this sari on you to cover your uniform unless you want to arouse suspicion.”

“Thanks Troy,” I said as I quickly changed into a sari.

“Now you girls enjoy yourself and I have a few things to do. Bye Lune, and make sure that you take Tam to the tea house.” Troy winked.

“Sure Troy,” said Lune smiling. “I will see you in an hour.”

“Now before I forget, use this connector so I can contact you at all times, just in case Tam is wanted,” said Troy as he left.

“Now Tam, how about letting your hair down for once?”

“Look at the mountains over there,” smiled Khandi.

“I know sweetheart,” I said, smelling the fresh air.

“Tam, this is where you have been hostage for the last two years,” said Lune, pointing in the opposite direction.

“Wow Lune, have we travelled that fast,” I said, sounding bewildered.

“Yes, we sure have,” said Lune proudly of her husband.

“That man is a true genius,” I said.

“Thanks, I will tell him that, Tam. How about we look at the palace,” smiled Lune. Lune showed me to one of the arched doors and we walked in. Once inside, I could not believe my eyes as it was so intricately made, many centuries before the Taj Mahal was even built.

“This is so amazing, Lune.” I stood mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it all.

After walking around for a while, we were getting hungry, so decided to get some hot drinks and sit down for a picnic. Lune ordered the tea and we all sat and ate our lunch and drank our tea. All of a sudden, Troy came running towards us looking hot and flustered. “Tam you had better get home, you are wanted for something,” said Troy.

“Oh crumbs Troy, just when I am finally enjoying myself at last!”

“I know, Tam, and luckily you did not venture to Kashmir or you might have been discovered,” Troy said to me with a sense of urgency. “Khandi can stay with Lune and I will pick you up after, Hun.”

“Is that alright with you Lune?”

“Sure and look after yourself ,Tam. You will all be free soon,” she said, giving me the biggest hug.

“See you,” said Khandi, smiling at me.

I ran with Troy to where the laser car was and quickly changed. Soon, whooooooooosh, we were travelling at breakneck speed and were at the entrance in no time. “Now here are some instructions Tam. If they start getting suspicious, hide your gadget and always have a plan to get rid of it if you cannot hide it straight away, such as your shoes or something like that,” said Troy.

“Are they on to me yet, Troy? You are scaring me,” I said, sounding almost hysterical.

“No they aren’t, but all of us Voles are slowly bringing the whole system down and we need you to be one step ahead of them before we give the final hit…the siege.”