The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I walked to the bus stop and there was nobody waiting there. I noticed that there was a black
car nearby. I thought I would walk to the following bus stop, pretending to look busy. I could see
the bus stop in the distance and did not realize how close the black car was coming behind me.
All of a sudden, I could hear footsteps, then somebody knocked something on my head and I was
out unconscious.
I don’t know how much time later it was, but I awoke and tried to orientate myself. I saw a
meal on the table, and as I familiarized myself, I realized I was in a small room with a bed. I then
heard footsteps and pretended I was asleep. As the door opened, I pretended to wake up with a
fright. “So you are awake, Ms Benderson,” sneered a fat fellow.
“Yes I am,” I faltered.
“Now have you eaten,” indicated a thinner man.
“No,” I said.
“Well, you will be flying out soon so I suggest you have some food,” said the fat man.
“Okay, but why am I here?”
Then, they both burst out laughing and said, “That is what you get when you stick your nose
into your brothers business!”
The door closed and I ate my meal that consisted of meat, potatoes, vegetables and a drink.
It was a little on the bland side, but that was okay. Then it clicked. The reason I was here was
because of Dan Meryl and my own mother. “O h shit! My kids will be worried about me,” I
thought as I looked for my bag, but could not find it.
A little while later, the door opened and I was escorted through numerous passageways and
taken to a plane and put on. “Here you are,” Fat Manuel. I was tied up on the plane and told to
take a tablet. “She should be out like a baby soon,” sneered Fat Manuel to the boss. Fat Manuel
gave me the tablet and water and untied my hands. He was too busy gasbagging to the boss to
notice that I had spat the tablet out and taken a big gulp of water. “Now have you taken the tablet
Ms Benderson?” I nodded as he carried on talking to the other men.
I tried to listen, but thought it wise to take notice of my surroundings and just play the game,
so I pretended to be feeling tired. As I was drifting off, Fat Manuel said, “I think she is ready for
K7. She is sleeping like a baby,” he smirked.
“Well done, Fat Manuel. The Walf will be happy with us today,” said the boss, who got into