The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

The next day, all of us went out to McDonald’s for breakfast. After, David went to get the
documents photocopied at the newsagent and then we all went to the police station.
“Now what can I do for you,” asked the young receptionist at the police station.
“I want to make a statement as we have found this,” said David seriously.
“Just a minute,” said the receptionist as she looked at the documents.
Soon, the detective introduced himself and called us all in, one-by-one, and grilled us for
questions. It was quite grueling, and we were glad to go. As we all left, he said we would be in
“So what now, Dave,” I said.
“I think we should start packing,” he said.
“How about we get lunch first and bring it home,” I said.
“Yes, that is okay, Mum.”
We brought lunch home and started packing. As we just finished and sat down for lunch, the
police officers came to our door. “What is up officer,” asked David.
“Plenty, young man, as we believe your family is involved in an international crime money
laundering organization and fraud. It would be wise to leave this area,” he said seriously.
“That is what we were thinking,” I said.
“Smart move people, and where are you going?”
“To the local cabin park,” I said.
“When? Today,” asked the officer, noting it down in his book.
“Yes as soon as we finish lunch and packing we’ll be off,” I said.
“Okay people and we will keep you up to date as things are not looking good for your
family,” said the detective.
“O h blimey,” I said, looking downcast.
The detective noticed it and said, “Now Tam, you have done the right thing by informing the
authorities. Your family are doing things that they are not suppose to do and have to be dealt
with accordingly.”
“Yes, I know, but it still doesn’t make me feel better.”