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I grabbed a few essentials like water and food and popped them in my little bag. On an afterthought, I slipped off my shoes. I'd been told they had tracking devices installed in them that connected to the Walf's security system. I went over to the bookcase and pulled it open, wondering what the hell lay behind it. I hesitated and then, torch in hand, stepped into the dark tunnel.

As I walked on in my stocking feet, I could see a light in the distance. In my mind I thought I would walk to the light and then come back. Trembling with fear, I took one step after another and slowly made my way, expecting at any time for the Sirens to go off and I would be sent away somewhere. There was just an eerie silence and after a short while I reached the light and saw it had a sign below it. I put the torch down to read the sign and it said, “Exit is to the left.”

I stood there for a minute and thought I would try the exit way. I reached another sign that said, “Bhutan 50 kilometers. “ Wow, holy crap! An underground tunnel that would lead us to freedom. This was unbelievable, and what was more, it was a tunnel made with air conditioning and small lights and tiled floors. I looked around for telltale signs of CCTV or any tracking devices. There was none at all. I was glad I had remembered to take off my shoes since I would not want to set off any alarms just yet. I noticed a little further on another light in the distance, but I thought it would be best to backtrack to my quarters before I was discovered.

Well this was nice to know that there was a possible escape route, I mused, but if it is correct that Bhutan is 50 kilometers away then the journey would need careful planning before the maneuver could be executed successfully. I backtracked, taking notice of which route I took, and soon I was near the end where the light of my bedroom was shining into the tunnel. I had just closed the bookcase, again carefully wedging it slightly open, and laid down on my bed when I thought I heard somebody outside.

“Knock, knock,” an unfamiliar voice asked.

“Come in,” I said, pretending to be gathering my things to have a shower.

“Just a message from the Walf to start early and that he gives you his compliments for all your hard work and he wants to see you after work tomorrow. Here is your purple slip for your early entry and it has been micro chipped just in case the door won't open.”

“This is for 6.00 a.m., that is when the food trolley usually arrives or thereabouts,” I said, thinking ahead to creature comforts. “

“All taken care of as you will get your food in the purple lounge near the computer room.”

“Great and thanks for r that .”

“You will get extra bonuses for this and a couple of changes for your uniform and shoes,” the messenger replied. “Any questions?”

“Yes. What might the Walf want with me?”

“Well it looks like another reward for all your hard work,” he said as he shook my hand.

“Thanks so much,” I said wondering what the Walf wanted. Then the trolley man’s beeper went off, and with a quick smile in return, he exited to carry out another errand.

We were hostages we were extremely well looked after, to the extent I was wondering would it be worth it to escape and struggle for everything. Here I had everything handed to me virtually on a silver platter and the only restriction was that I could not contact anyone from the outside world about this whole secret society running full blast under everyone's noses. What would the kids think of me if I wanted to have no further contact with them? “Computer hacking and money laundering on a daily basis? No that is not what life is all about. I have to find a way out of this place whatever the cost.” I shuddered to think of living here for the rest of my life.

I woke up early and set off to the computer room, wondering when I would see Spike again, but that was the least of my worries as I had to get on with fulfilling my duties for the day, whatever they were going to be. I just wondered where on earth the lounge was for the computer room, but I need not have worried as the Vulcan was waiting for me near the lift. “Tam, you are here on time and first of all I will take you to the lounge where we are going to have breakfast before duty.” He walked past the computer room and there was a small oval door that he opened with his hands sliding against the slot.

“Wonders never cease in this place,” I thought to myself as I entered the longue to have breakfast. I saw a mass of people sitting down at tables eating food and drinking coffee. They were all dressed the same in their silver track suits and all of them had a silver T over their whole face. The Vulcan ushered me to the table right near where they had all the hot food like eggs and bacon, today, with toast and cereal. “Wow,” I exclaimed as I was bamboozled by the sheer amount of people and food.