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“It is a long story and I will tell you tonight. Is that alright by you, Spike?”

“Sure Tam,” said Spike. I looked at him and he was wearing computer hacker clothing as well.

“Now what is going on, Spike? Isn’t Byte my tutor for today?”

“No, I am taking over for a few days as Byte is ill, Tam,” said Spike.

“I thought you did not know anything about computer hacking,” I asked.

“Yes I was a computer hacker and the only one that knows how to get to the government mainframe computer, NASA and the pentagon. I had a few issues with the Walf and that is why I am on the power grid,” said Spike.

“Oh.” I said. “Now we had better have something to eat and then go.”

“Sure Tam,” and then we both went to where the computer hacker department was.

Now I was getting nervous, but excited at the same time, as I thought this would be my key to getting out of this place…with or without Spike.

“Nervous Tam,” asked Spike.

“Yes packing it,” I said, as I thought to myself to play the game and work on trying to get a message to David and Jenny without stuffing up.

“Don’t worry, Tam, you will just have to put up with me all day,” grinned Spike. I looked at him and instantly felt like cuddling him, but there was work to be done.

We reached the computer hacking room and I expected Spock to be there, but there was another fellow. “Hi Spike and Tam or should I say 9999 and 2211,” said the voice.

“That is alright, Vinto,” said Spike, “as we were both bar coded and allowed in.” Spike then showed me the lift leading to the computer hacking department and sensed I was nervous, so he put his arm around me for reassurance. The lift stopped and Spike guided me to a dark alleyway. There was a sequence of purple lights and Spike said, “This is where you will be working. Now Tam, you can swipe the door and go inside to work,” he said showing me the process.

As the door opened, we walked to the control desk together and Texno assigned us to our workstation. “Is that you Spike,” asked Texno curiously, looking at Spike as if he could not believe his eyes.

“Yes it is Texno,” said Spike.

“I thought you were a gonner after the stuff up with Owls escape,” said Texno.

“Ssssssshh, Texno, the Walf has upgraded the security so he can bloody hear everything now! Can you for God sake shut up,” hissed Spike.

“Oh Christ has he?”

“Yes he has.”

“Have you heard from Owl since, Spike?”

“No,” said Spike not wanting to draw attention to himself.

“What was that all about,” I asked.

“I tell you tonight, Tam,” said Spike softly.

Texno motioned me to go to computer station number 13. “Now Ms Benderson, can you switch this on?”

“Sure,” I said. I thought that these computers were like the ones I was working on at Hungry Jacks. I was just about to switch it on and thought I would play it. “Mmm! Not sure about the system as it looks like an intranet network or something.”

“Well done Tam. No wonder you were recommended by the Walf as you use your initiative. Now here is how we log in and this is your code to get in and surf in stealth mode, unlike any other system of the world,” said Texno.

“Oh wow,” I said, and noticed that Spike was smiling as I was shown directions. I felt like asking him how to email my family, but thought I would better shut up about that for the moment. All of a sudden, Texno received a beep on his pager that was attached to his grey and black suit. “Now Tam, I have to see the Walf’s lieutenant, and Spike, would you be able to teach her the codes to hack into the mainframes? Make sure she writes them down and that should do her for today,” said Texno.

“Sure,” said Spike, looking at me.

“Now if you have time, Spike, run over the basics of C with Tam,” he said, exiting the room.

“Right oh,” said Spike.

Spike explained to me how to use the codes to hack into the FBI headquarters. The job was to monitor what they were up to and make notes for the Texno in the log book kept under the computer desk. “Now Tam, do you think you can do this on your own while I get you a drink?”

“Of course, Spike. I will try,” I said as I punched the codes in to get into the mainframe of the FBI. I looked into the Walf’s database and made notes on the procedures listed in the modus operadi. There was a lot to learn.

I thought I would be sneaky and look at any FBI files relating to my disappearance. There it was in black and white: a report that said I had not been seen for over six months. It also noted contact had been made after I disappeared and that Detective Poulos was still looking for me. Mmmmmmm!

Footsteps could be heard and it was Spike with a hot drink. “Tam, have you switched on the purple light at the back?”

I looked at the back of the computer. “No, is there a problem?”

“No not really, but it tracks all the searches you make and prevents you from contacting the outside world. If you do try, then it go up to the Walf’s lieutenant, Luke, and you are in big trouble.

“Oh,” I said.”

“Tam, have you hacked in yet?”

“Yes. I put this down about the Walf’s activities and what the FBI have info on, and made notes of the current investigations on him,” I said.

“Oh Tam, you are doing better than me when I first started. I am really very proud of you, said Spike giving me a hug. “Now how about we get started on computer programming?”

A few hours later, Texno returned and asked what we had completed. “All this,” I said and showed him.

“Well done you two, and now you are done for the day,” he smiled.

As we were both ushered out, we tagged off and exited the purple room. Spike and I walked down towards our quarters. I flopped on the bed. Spike lay next to me and I yawned. “Now how about that kiss I have been dying for all day,” said Spike cheekily.

“Of course,” I said as we engaged in passion. .

Soon the food trolley arrived and I wondered what was going to be on the menu tonight. “That smells good and I am starving,” I said. I opened the lid and was surprised at what I saw. “Salmon and salad with chocolate cake. What have you got, Spike?”

“Tam, I have the cheesecake instead of the chocolate cake,” he said.

“What is this in aid of,” I said.

“The reward for being such a hard worker and doing what you are told,” Spike replied. “I have wanted to escape many a time but it appears to be futile as we have all that we need here, food medical care in exchange for working for the Walf and his henchman.”

“You cannot be serious about wanting to stay here forever, Spike?”

“It just seems impossible,” said Spike.

“Well I do understand where you are coming from, Spike,” I smiled.

“Really Tam?”

“Yes when I was at home with the kids , I had to worry about cooking, work and paying for gas, but here I don’t have that worry.”

“I know Tam, but now you have to focus on hacking and hacking well,” said Spike.

“I know, Spike, but don’t you think of a way out or even look at the possibilities?”

Spike just sat there looking down. “Is it alright if I stay the night?”

“Sure” I said. Spike left to get his pillow and blanket. As he shut the door, I caught a light flashing near my bed. I got up and saw that it was my old I phone and wondered how on earth it managed to get there of all places. With growing excitement, I saw that there were several messages on the I phone from David and Jenny just shortly after I was taken hostage. On the screen, it had Jenny’s picture. I thought of them both and how difficult it must be for them to cope on their own. I knew that they both would do their best in the current situation. As I reached a little further into the bookcase, I found something soft and leathery. I reached out and picked it up, realizing it was my old shopping bag. “Why in god’s name was it put there,” I wondered.