The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

I had just plonked down with my TV and started to set it all up. “Who owns this furniture,” I
asked not thinking.
“It is Dan and Meryl’s and they are coming as I leave on the plane tomorrow,” Mum said,
oblivious to how I was feeling.
“What in the hell? You tricked me to come here and know full well I haven’t even a damn
fridge here, Mum,” I faltered.
“Nothing I can do about it.”
Then there was a beep outside and Dan thundered into the house. “How do you like the
house, Tam,” Dan snarled.
“It is shit if you really must know and take your dam furniture. I have a backache from the
damn chairs already.”
“I think someone is just taking a hissy fit,” snapped Dan. “That is our cue to go and are you
ready, Mum?”
“See you Tam,” Mum said without even giving me a hug.
There I sat all alone, feeling lost and desolate. Luckily, there was one large bed in there and
I sat down, meaning to only rest for a bit, but I fell asleep until morning.
The next day, I jumped out of bed, suddenly feeling hungry and walked to the toilet half-
asleep. All of a sudden, I slipped on something and fell with a sickening thud on the floor and
knocked myself out.
I don’t know how long I had been there. I woke up trying to regain my composure, but I felt
disorientated. As I tried to get myself up, I winced in pain. I looked down my wrist and it had
swollen to twice its size. “What do I do now?” My head was starting to ache and throb. In the
fog, I thought I would walk to the shopping centre and luckily I caught the right bus which
brought me straight to the hospital.
I went to the triage feeling disorientated and in pain. The nurse at triage took one look at me
and put me ahead of the cue. “How are you feeling, Ma'am,” she asked.
“Not too good,” I replied.
As she asked a multitude of questions, it became apparent that I had slight concussion and a
broken wrist. “Now Tam, have you had any painkillers today?” I said “no” and the nurse went
back to get the doctor so that I could be given the painkillers. “Here you are Ma'am,” she said,