The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

“Oh okay, as long as I pick what meal we’re having,” I said, visioning the full buffet meal.
“Okay,” said Mum.
I made myself ready and soon we were on the bus and ventured to the casino. “How about I
book a table, Mum,” I said.
“Okay Tam, then I will let Dan know when he arrives,” said Mum seriously.
I booked a table and that was the last table available. I texted Dan to ask how long he would
be. “Tam, I might be an hour by the time the bus arrives at the Casino. This just depends on how
many customers stop at the different hotels around town before we arrive at the casino.”
“O h there you are, Tam,” said Mum. “Can you get me a hot chocolate…are you okay
“Not really. Dan just indicated that he would be travelling by bus and he will be late for his
meal that I booked here,” I said.
“Well maybe Dan doesn’t want to eat here, Tam,” said Mum smirking, knowing full well
she was winding me up.
I felt like smacking her. I knew she was trying to take the piss out of me and put me up
against my own brother, Dan.
Dan soon arrived and I told him that I had made the booking for all of us for a buffet. “Well,
you might have had the common courtesy to discuss the matter with me first,” snarled Dan and
he then proceeded to talk to Mum.
“Now you listen here, Dan. I am shouting the meal and I prefer to eat here,” I pleaded.
“No, Tam, we are eating upstairs at the Restoria,” said Dan. “I need to go upstairs and
freshen up. Do you mind waiting,” indicated Dan as he ventured upstairs.
“What in the hell, Mum? Aren’t you going to say anything? This is insane,” I said, shaking
my head in disbelief.
“Now Dan has suggested the Restoria. It is much cheaper than the buffet,” smirked Mum.
“Why does he always get it his way?”
“Tshhhh, tsh, Tam. I know you are stinking jealous of him and Meryl. You've just got to
face facts that they are people with money and you are not,” said Mum
“Well in that case stick your meal and you can go home by yourself,” I snarled.
“I am too wobbly, Tam,” said Mum, trying to pull on my heartstrings.