The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

A little while later, Dan and Meryl arrived and their mood was even stormier than before.
Apparently the people that they had camped with had taken the shower key, so sleeping the night
in a tent without a shower apparently did not agree with Meryl or Dan, who were people that
never went without. As they were sorting things out they were making a racket and not
considering that David and Jenny were sound asleep.
Meryl saw that there were two other plates. David and Jenny had just woken up and were
going to make themselves a hot drink each. “Hi Auntie Meryl and Uncle Dan,” said Jenny
“Hi …and you kids need to know some home rules like cleaning up for yourselves. Dishes
need to be put in a dishwasher,” snarled Meryl.
“Well, I don’t know how to use yours and-”
“What are you, five? Or a complete idiot,” barked Dan.
“Hey now, you listen here mate. They have just arrived here and I will not tolerate you
speaking to David and Jenny like that,” I retorted. In the corner of my eye I saw that Mum just
sat there like an idiot unwilling to back me in this situation.
“Now Tam, this is my house and did you thank my missus for having your teenagers here?
Did you thank her? Did you thank her did you thank her,” Dan barked, going red in the face.”
“O h shut the hell up,” I said to him and walked.
“Well in that case you can leave right now, Tam. You and your bloody kids go right now,”
smirked Meryl.
“Great that is the best decision I have heard from you all day.”
I went to my room and started packing. I did not realize that Mum had followed me into the
room. “Tam, are you okay,” she asked, trying to appear genuine.
“Look lady, are you for real or what,” I barked.
“Hey there is no need to talk like that to me. I am your mother,” Mum snarled.
“Really? You sure you did not have kids just as a fashion accessory as you have the power
to be able to change Dan. This all falls back to you, Mum, because you did not allow Dad to
discipline Dan and that is what you arrogant pig. You have effectively enabled and
condoned such behavior and he thinks it is okay to treat people like dirt.”
“No, that is not so, Tam,” barked Mum.