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Shortly after, we arrived at the cabin park and I went to the office to collect my keys from Thomas and Joan. “Hi Tam, as you are a returning customer you receive 10% of your rent,” said Thomas proudly.

“Ok and thanks.”

“What did you do to your arm, Tam,” asked Joan.

“Just slipped coming out of the toilet.”

“Take it easy, Tam,” they both said.

Over the next few days, the police came. They told us that Mum had been arrested for tax evasion and fraud and would be in court in a few days time. They were also close to arresting Dan and Meryl and had indicated to us that they were not as rich as they made out. “Oh, I thought they were loaded,” said Jenny as she heard the police give details.

“No, not really, Jenny, as they use borrowed money for most of their ventures and made only a little more than normal wages,” said the officer.

“Blimey,” I said as I sat down and took it all in. My own mother involved in money laundering and fraud…crikey!.

“Are you going to the hearing tomorrow, Mum,” asked David.

“No, I don’t think so as it is my first day back,” I said.

“When do you start, Mum,” asked Jenny.

“I start at 8 and finish at one…Chris has me on light duties until I recover. Okay, I better get some supplies and get organized for tomorrow. Are you coming kids?”

“Why not,” was the resounding reply as we went out for dinner and went home.

The next day, I prepared to go to work. “Are you nervous, Mum,” asked David, making me a light breakfast.

“A little. Thanks for breakfast and I will see you after lunch,” I said and I hugged both kids goodbye.