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“Are there any pillows here,” asked Jenny.

“No Jen,” I said.

“Okay, I will go and have a look in the cupboards here,” said Jenny, looking in Mum’s room and the cupboards. “Mum look at this!”

“What is it,” I said, wondering what on earth she was talking about.

“I think here is where your money is and there is another sheet of paper. Here Mum.”

“Yes, that looks like what it is, but it gives no bank details or account details only a selections numbers,” I said seriously. “What is this paper?” I turned it over and it said Triads and the Walf along with this note:

”Thanks for your recent dealings with us and look forward to doing business with you again. The Walf.”

“Who the hell is he or she?”

“Oh Christ, don’t tell me, Mum...give me a look at the paper,” said David seriously. “Oh my god, I think the Triads are a big money laundering organization and the Walf is America’s most wanted.”

“Blimey David, what the hell is going on now,” said jenny.

“It appears that Oma, and maybe Dan and Meryl, are involved in a money laundering organization. That is a criminal offence,” said David seriously.

“Oh shit, what now kids,” I said.

“Well Mum, I think it is time to get more information from around here, go to the police as soon as possible and then pack up and leave,” said David.

“It is Christmas Day kids,” I said.

“I know and the both of us will turn this place upside down to look for more information, Mum,” said David.

“Ok,” I said.

For quite a while, the kids both looked around and found more information on Oma’s money laundering ventures. “Look at this! It is a receipt of the Walf and Oma’s tax bill and it does not correspond at all,” I said.

“I know Mum,” said Jenny, holding up several papers.

“Now what do we do kids?”

“Have you got your scanner here,” said David.

“Yes sure.”

“How about you scan all the documents and tomorrow we will go to the police? When does Oma come home Mum,” asked David seriously.

“New Years Day.”

“Okay we will scan these documents, and tomorrow get the documents all photocopied and go to the police with them,” said David.

The documents were scanned and put in David’s laptop bag until tomorrow. For the rest of the day, we enjoyed the Christmas festivities despite the discovery.