The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

shop with Mum. “The money for the sale came through this morning and thanks for the
commission Mum,” he smiled, oblivious to that I was in earshot.
“Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” I was boiling with rage as I heard Dan prattle on about what a big shot real
estate agent he was and all that rot.
We arrived Dan and Meryl's place. Then, Mum and I and got out of the car and I felt faint
from the heat, but did Dan care, no! “Are you going to help to put the luggage in or stand there
like a flaming idiot?”
“Hey watch your mouth, mate,” I said as I carried the suitcase inside and I was not prepared
for what Meryl was going to say.
“Look Tam, you are guests at this house and if you could do what Dan says straight away,
that would be great.” She smirked, knowing full well she had all the power.
“You mean allow him to bully me? No way bitch,” I said.
“Now you listen here, Tam. We are people with money and your father is not here to protect
you, so I suggest you just bloody well do as you are told or you will be on the streets.”
“Well that suits me fine…just give me the money and I am gone,” I faltered, but still
standing up for my rights.
“No that is for the rent and the money was a gift from Mum to us,” said Meryl.
“You bloody bastard,” I said coming up to her and trying to punch her in the face.
“Hey Tam, these suitcases won’t go indoors by themselves,” barked Dan from outside.
“Well Tam, you know what you have to do,” said Meryl with her eyes looking at me like
evil slits on that fat moonface.