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A few days later, it was Christmas Day, and I woke up feeling glum. I was just about to get some cereal for breakfast, as I had slept late, when there was a knock on the door. I answered and to my surprise it was David and Jenny. “Hi Mum! Merry Christmas,” said David and Jenny together.

“Hi kids,” I said giving them a hug. “I thought you were coming tonight or tomorrow

“Well do you think we would leave you home alone at Christmas,” said Jenny, smiling.

“What about your work, Dave?”

“We worked extra hours and completed it earlier,” said David. “On top of that, I scored a casual job in a computer shop.”

“Wow, way to go kids,” I said smiling.

“Now have you eaten, Mum? We have brought Japanese pastries from the Japanese bakery. I will get you a coffee,” said Jenny.

We all sat down and enjoyed one another’s company at Christmas. “Have you still any ideas on Christmas dinner, Mum,” asked David seriously.

“No, not really,” I said, wondering what David was up to.

“Well aren’t you lucky that I have sausages, bread rolls and salad for a BBQ? You still have the BBQ, don’t you, Mum?”

“Sure, no worries,” I said.

“How does that feel? Here try this green tea pastry. It is really yum,” said Jenny as she handed me a piece of it.

“Now what is going on, Mum? I thought Oma would have stayed with you until we arrived,” said David.

“The doctor phoned her and he was annoyed that she did not even stay one hour to see how I was,” I faltered.

“What the heck, Mum? And look at your head! Blimey that was some fall,” said Jenny looking at the egg on my head.

“That is not all, as I did this as well,” I said, showing them my hip which sported a large bruise.

“Crikey, Mum, just as well we’re here,” said David. “Have you phoned work to let them know what is going on?”

“Yes. I have the next week off and then it is back to work, but light duties,” I said.

“That is okay,” said David.

“Have you sorted out this money business yet, Mum,” asked Jenny.

“No I have not seen a cent of it,” I faltered.

“Oh Jeeeeeeeese,” said Jenny seriously.