The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

Soon, the flight unfortunately ended and Mum was almost excited as a small child. “O h, I
am going to see my little boy and Meryl!”
I ignored her and went to get my ports and left her there. I walked up to the arrivals to see
Dan and Meryl. She looked about nine months pregnant even though she wasn’t. “Where is
Mum, Tam,” said Dan, snarling at me.
“How the flaming hell should I know,” I barked.
“Hey Tam, you don’t speak to Dan like that and don’t take that tone to our house.
Arguments will not be tolerated, Tam. “
“Who the bloody hell do you think you are, smartarse, “I barked, feeling well and truly
pissed off.
“Hey……..Tam,” said Dan as he grabbed my arm “We’re people with money and you are
just a worthless piece of shit. Get it,” sneered Dan.
I turned around and was just about to clout him just as Mum arrived. “Well you might help
me with my luggage, Tam,” said Mum
“What? Okay, I will go and find the luggage at the carousel.” One-by-one, I loaded up the
luggage on the trolley and went back to find Mum hugging Dan and Meryl. “Now where are you
parked, Dan,” I asked, hoping that it would be just outside.
“Right at the other end of the airport. It is muc h cheaper,” said Dan smirking, knowing that
it would well and truly annoy me.
I lugged the ports on the trolley right to the other end of the airport and was just covered in a
layer of sweat. I finally reach Dan’s black Mariah, thoroughly exhausted, and stopped for a
breather not expecting to be spoken to by Dan in such a demeaning manner. “Are you going to
stand there like an idiot or actually do some work for a change, Tam,” smirked Dan.
“Do it yourself, dickhead. I am hot,” I said, taking my vest off.
“It is your luggage…”
“Hey shut your mouth, Meryl! You’re not even family,” I retorted.
“Hey, you listen here, Tam. While you are having that tone with me, remember it is our
house and our rules,” she snarled.
“Okay,” I said, wanting to get out the K ingsland heat ASAP.
Soon, we were in the car and travelling to where Dan and Meryl lived. All Dan did was talk