The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

Ma'am, you have allowed your daughter to run after you and do your food. Isn’t it about time
you did it yourself,” she said firmly.
“I am old. 80 you know,” said Mum flatly.
“Well my grandmother is 90 and still mows her own lawn and cooks for herself,” said the
young hostess. Mum looked hurt as the hostess continued, “If you keep going like that you will
never do a thing for yo urself. Is that what you really want to be? A cactus woman,” said the
hostess as she walked on and winked at me.
“Are you putting that young woman up against me, Tam,” asked Mum.
“No! WTF? Flaming hell!” I looked at her face...the lines on that smug face…I could have
killed her right there and then with my eyes blaring like daggers.