The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

“This is nuts Mum…are you completely insane,” I said as I arrived home from doing
practical work for my archaeology degree.
“No I am not, Tam,” indicated Mum, her eyes that were now turning into evil slits. “I am
selling the house and that is that. Dan and Meryl have organized us a place in K ingsland and that
is final.”
“O h, is that so, Mum,” I said. “Well I have my work here and my study to consider.”
“Well haven’t you heard of a transfer, Tam? Dan told me that your course is available up
there, so it is not a problem.”
“I leave for a few weeks work for an archaeology firm and this is what I come home to? You
have no right to do this,” I faltered, feeling already defeated.
“Well, it is my bloody house and I suggest you cooperate, Tam, or Dan will be very angry
with you,” smirked Mum.
“O h okay... and thanks for nothing, “I barked as I slammed my bedroom door shut. “What
can I do about this,” I thought as I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of a better life and future far,
far, away from this hell hole.
“Tam Tam, wake up immediately,” Mum called as she knocked on my bedroom door and
barged in.
“What is it?”
“Dan just phoned and he is coming down today. We are to meet him at the casino for
dinner,” said Mum sporting a smug look on her face.
“So what about it, I need a little rest as I have just arrived home myself,” I pleaded.
“That is no way to treat your brother, Tam, and I suggest you come with me as I need
someone to care for me when I get on the bus,” indicated Mum seriously.
“No Mum, I am tired. Get the picture,” I said.
“Tam, I am feeling a little wobbly to go alone,” said Mum, doing the familiar con artist