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The next day, I woke up and prepared breakfast. Then David and Jenny bid me goodbye while I held my resume in my hand and walked up to the bus station. I caught the bus into town, trudged the streets, cold canvassing, and walked up to the local Burger King for a drink. In the corner of my eyes, I saw that they were hiring casual personnel and asked to speak to the manager. “Sure Ma'am,” said the young girl and then the young man came out.

“I’m Chris, by the way, and you are?”

“Tam,” I said, not really liking the look of him.

“What positions are you interested in, Tam?”

“The cleaning jobs mainly,” I faltered.

“Great. Can you start in a few days,” asked Chris.

“Sure,” I said.

“Are you available on call, Tam?

“Oh yes, but you have to give me half-an-hour to get ready,” I said.

“Of course, and in that case, you can start next week for two to three days a week,” said Chris seriously, shaking my hand.

I walked outside feeling mighty pleased with myself and ventured home to David and Jenny. “Are you home kids?” I knocked on the door but it was strangely silent. “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” I heard coming from inside. They opened up the door. “Happy Halloween, Mum,” said David, showing me the meal he and Jenny prepared in Halloween colors.

“Oh, but you shouldn't have,” I said.

“Now do you want some BBQ sausages, Mum,” asked David.

“There is no BBQ,” I queried.

“Yes you have! Jen and I bought it for you,” said David, showing me the brand new BBQ that they had bought.

“Oh, that must have cost you a fortune,” I said.

“Mum, stop worrying. Jen and I have been working for some of the lecturers, so we’re okay,” beamed David. That night we all enjoyed each other’s company in the spirit of Halloween.

Over the next few days, I enjoyed the children and realized that the day I started my new job was the day before the day they were leaving. “Do you want me to come with you to Central Street tomorrow,” I said.

“Of course not. We have arranged with the other students to be picked outside of McDonalds, so it saves the headache of travelling there and the gridlock,” sighed Jenny as she rolled her eyes.

“Now how about McDonalds before I start my first day at work? My shout.”

“Of course,” was the resounding reply.

“Has Oma bothered to phone you at all, Mum,” asked Jenny.

“No not really, Jenny. I just assume that she is busy sorting something out.”

“Are you going to live with here if she does get a unit,” asked David.

“Not sure, David. I am okay here,” I said.

“What is her number again? I’ll ring over here where it is nice and quiet.”

“Okay,” I said as David ordered the meal for us while Jenny talked on the phone. “How did it go, Jen?”

“Well Meryl just cut me off the phone when I questioned her and Oma said she hasn’t got any unit and has just been busy,” faltered Jenny.

“Don’t worry, Jen,” I said.

“That is not the point, Mum. A house should have been organized before you and Oma arrived here…not after,” barked David angrily.