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After a while, all the luggage was inside. I made myself a cold drink and went into my room, feeling like escaping. Then, I overheard Dan and Meryl talking about having a camping trip the next day with friends. “Yee ha,” I thought, “I can hardly wait till they leave.” Luckily, there were no further dramas and we all slept soundly.

If I thought Dan and Meryl were going to leave early, boy was I mistaken as Meryl spent the whole morning cooking quiches and spiced chicken wings before they loaded up their Mercedes and finally left. Just as they left, there was a phone call from Jenny and David. “Hi Mum, how are you,” they asked.

“I am fine and at Dan and Meryl’s,” I sighed.

“Oh that is okay, as we are going to catch bus and will be there tomorrow. Would you be able to meet me from the station tomorrow night,” asked David.

“Sure,” I said, wondering how I was going to manage that task all the way from whoop whoop. The day passed pleasantly and the thought of seeing my two children made the day bearable as Mum was not game to use any of Meryl’s stove as it wasn’t hooked up to the power. “That is just plain stupid, Mum,” I said.

“Are you stinking jealous of Dan? I think you are and it is appalling, Tam. If Dan says hello to you is it that much effort to talk to him,” said Mum with her smug face.

“Listen here lady, I don’t talk to idiots,” I said, much to her annoyance.