The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7 HTML version

There was a hub of activity over the next week or so. The removalists were called and
organized and hotels and airfares booked, much to my reluctance.
One of the neighbors’ spoke to me just as I had finished my last day on the job. “Is it true,
Tam, that you and your mother are leaving the neighborhood,” asked Gwen.
“Yes, I am afraid so,” I faltered.
“Now you wouldn’t like to ask your mother if she could sell the house to me,” indicated Ron
“I don’t think so as she would not even let me buy it and I am family,” I said.
“O h is that the way she is working, Tam,” said Gwen. “Who is doing all this manipulating?”
“It is mainly my brother and his missus,” I said looking downcast.
“Now are you moving as well, Tam,” asked Gwen.
“Yes and I have to throw in my job here,” I said.
“Do you mean your mother is selling the house from under you and on top of that disrupt
your studies and work? I am glad she is not my mother,” indicated Gwen.
“I know what you mean, Gwen,” I said.
“Now Tam, do you and your mother want some drinks and nibbles here before you go?”
“I’ll ask her and I’ll let you know.”
“Tam, Tam? Where are you,” screamed Mum. And then she popped her head out of the door
and saw that I had been talking to the neighbors.
“Talking to the neighbors again, Tam,” snarled Mum.
“Hey you there, pipe down, woman,” said Ron seriously, “and stop upsetting your daughter
here…you selfish cow.”
Mum was taken back and said to him, “Ja ja. Tam come in at once!”
I came inside and felt the wrath of her fury as she went on and on that I was gossiping.
“Well, the removals called and we will be moving tomorrow,” said Mum. “They confirmed it
while you were away so you had better defrost the fridge and clean it out. I have done enough
today,” sighed Mum as she sat on the co uch. I was in no mood for arguing, but asked Mum if she
wanted to come with me to see Ron and Gwen for a few nibbles. “Oh no, Tam, I will be glad to
get away from here and be closer to my little Dan and sweet Meryl,” said Mum knowing that this
was another kick in the guts.