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“I am going to pack my stuff in the port, Tam,” said Mum.

“Yes, I think I will have a shower, eats and bed,” I sighed.

Later, the both of us went to our beds and I tried to sleep, but to no avail as Mum was determined to disturb my night’s sleep with her continual snoring that she was doing. It was so annoying, but in the end the both of us fell asleep from exhaustion.

“Now, are you going to help clean up the house, Tam,” asked Mum.

“You did it yesterday,” I faltered.

“Did I? No Tam, we didn’t and Dan wants it done…this is our last day here and if you come with me then the buffet dinner is on me,” said Mum pleasantly.

“Okay,” I said and soon everything was cleaned spick and span. “Now how about we go to the casino,” I said.

“Yes, not a bad idea and have a late buffet lunch,” said Mum.

There was a call on Mum’s phone and she said the keys had to be given to the real estate agent. “Would you mind to do that for me and then we’ll both go for the early dinner,” said Mum, surprisingly pleasant. “How about you meet me in the pokies and I’ll shout you five dollars so you can have a flutter?”

“Okay Mum,” I said as I waited in the hotel foyer for the agent to pick up the keys. I did not have to wait too long, luckily, and soon he arrived and picked up the keys. He then shook my hand and wished me the best for my move.

After that, I proceeded to the pokies and had a few games with Mum, and later enjoyed a peaceful meal together. Mum was smiling and I said, “Someone is happy today.”

“Tam, that is because I will be closer to my little boy Dan and sweet Meryl,” beamed Mum.

Luckily I had finished off my meal, as that comment made me feel so sick inside…but I needed a quick getaway. “Mum, you don’t mind if I have a little flutter on the pokies?”

Mum looked at me and said, “Of course Tam. You might as well enjoy yourself,” she smirked, knowing full well what she was saying.

I played a little while and then went back to my hotel room and saw Mum packing everything away. It is D-Day tomorrow, Tam,” she smiled.

“I am having a shower, Mum,” I said, not wanting to draw attention to how cheesed off I felt.

The next day arrived and Mum asked me to call a taxi for our trip to the airport. I was hoping that the plane would be delayed or that the taxi would not come and we would miss our plane. Unfortunately for me, the taxi arrived early and we were soon on our way to the airport.

Mum then decided to get her money’s worth and all she did was winge and wine that she was hungry. “Tam, I need a coffee and something to eat,” she said purposely trying to be difficult while I organized all the luggage and bags.

“Mum, we get food on the plane and it arrives in about an hour,” I said, not really wanting a coffee and something to eat as we had just had breakfast. “How about a packet of chips from the vending machines?”

“Oh no, I want a coffee and that muffin over their, Tam,” said Mum. “Here is the money and get yourself a coffee as well.”

I brought Mum’s coffee and muffin to her and I had just sat down with my coffee and turned around to listen to what flights had to be boarded. All of a sudden, I could feel warm on my jeans and saw that Mum had carelessly knocked her coffee all over my table and the liquid was travelling towards my laptop. “Can’t you look what you’re doing for once? You nearly stuffed up my laptop,” I said.

“I am sorry, Tam,” Mum smirked. “I’ll clean it up.” Mum made an even bigger mess so I got up with my gear and called the cleaner to come and attend to the mess.

“Are you okay, Ma'am…what happened,” she asked.

“Someone was determined to have a cup of coffee and did not look what she was doing,” I said.

“Oh not another one of those women,” she smiled. “Now go to our staff toilets. They have larger hand airers and big basins so you can get your jeans cleaned.”