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The Phone Call From Nowhere
"Somebody groaning!" gasped Miss Cornelia. "It's horrible!"
The detective stepped up and took the receiver from her. He listened anxi6usly for a
"I don't hear anything," he said.
"1 heard it! I couldn't imagine such a dreadful sound! I tell you - somebody in this house
is in terrible distress."
"Where does this phone connect?" queried Anderson practically.
Miss Cornelia made a hopeless little gesture. "Practically every room in this house!"
The detective put the receiver to his ear again.
"Just what did you hear?" he said stolidly.
Miss Cornelia's voice shook.
"Dreadful groans - and what seemed to be an inarticulate effort to speak!"
Lizzie drew her gaudy wrapper closer about her shuddering form.
"I'd go somewhere," she wailed in the voice of a lost soul, "if I only had somewhere to
Miss Cornelia quelled her with a glare and turned back to the detective.
"Won't you send these men to investigate - or go yourself?" she said, indicating Brooks
and Billy. The detective thought swiftly.
"My place is here," he said. "You two men," Brooks and Billy moved forward to take his
orders, "take another look through the house - don't leave the building - I'll want you
pretty soon."
Brooks - or Jack Bailey, as we may as well call him through the remainder of. this
narrative - started to obey. Then his eye fell on Miss Cornelia's revolver which Anderson
had taken from beside Fleming's body and still held clasped in his hand.
"If you'll give me that revolver - " he began in an offhand tone, hoping Anderson would
not see through his little ruse. Once wiped clean of fingerprints, the revolver would not
be such telling evidence against Dale Ogden.