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He Is - The Bat!
Lizzie opened her mouth to scream. But for once she did not carry out her purpose.
"Not a sound out of you!" warned the Unknown brutally, almost jabbing the revolver into
her ribs. He wheeled on Bailey.
"Close that satchel," he commanded, "and put it back where you found it!"
Bailey's fist closed. He took a step toward his captor.
"You - " he began in a furious voice. But the steely glint in the eyes of the Unknown was
enough to give any man pause.
"Jack!" pleaded Dale. Bailey halted.
"Do what he tells you!" Miss Cornelia insisted, her voice shaking.
A brave man may be willing to fight with odds a hundred to one - but only a fool will
rush on certain death. Reluctantly, dejectedly, Bailey obeyed - stuffed the money back in
the satchel and replaced the latter in its corner of shadows near the window.
"It's the Bat - it's the Bat!" whispered Lizzie eerily, and, for once her gloomy prophecies
seemed to be in a fair way of justification, for "Blow out that candle!" commanded the
Unknown sternly, and, after a moment of hesitation on Miss Cornelia's part, the room
was again plunged in darkness except for the red glow at the window.
This finished Lizzie for the evening. She spoke from a dry throat.
"I'm going to scream!" she sobbed hysterically. "I can't keep it back!"
But at last she had encountered someone who had no patience with her vagaries.
"Put that woman in the mantel-room and shut her up!" ordered the Unknown, the muzzle
of his revolver emphasizing his words with a savage little movement.
Bailey took Lizzie under the arms and started to execute the order. But the sometime
colleen from Kerry did not depart without one Parthian arrow.
"Don't shove," she said in tones of the greatest dignity as she stumbled into the Hidden
Room. "I'm damn glad to go!"
The iron doors shut behind her. Bailey watched the Unknown intently. One moment of
relaxed vigilance and -