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Murder On Murder
"Our on the roof!"
"Come on, Beresford!"
"Hustle - you men! He may be armed!"
"Righto - coming!"
And following Miss Cornelia's lead, Jack Bailey, Anderson, Beresford, and Billy dashed
out into the corridor, leaving Dale and the frightened Lizzie alone with the Unknown.
"And I'd run if my legs would!" Lizzie despaired.
"Hush!" said Dale, her ears strained for sounds of conflict. Lizzie, creeping closer to her
for comfort, stumbled over one of the Unknown's feet and promptly set up a new wail.
"How do we know this fellow right here isn't the Bat?" she asked in a blood-chilling
whisper, nearly stabbing the unfortunate Unknown in the eye with her thumb as she
pointed at him. The Unknown was either too dazed or too crafty to make any answer. His
silence confirmed Lizzie's worst suspicions. She fairly hugged the floor and began to
pray in a whisper.
Miss Cornelia re-entered cautiously with her candle, closing the door gently behind her as
she came.
"What did you see?" gasped Dale.
Miss Cornelia smiled broadly.
"I didn't see anything," she admitted with the greatest calm. "I had to get that dratted
detective out of the room before I assassinated him."
"Nobody went through the skylight?" said Dale incredulously.
"They have now," answered Miss Cornelia with obvious satisfaction. "The whole outfit
of them."
She stole a glance at the veiled eyes of the Unknown. He was lying limply back in his
chair, as if the excitement had been too much for him - and yet she could have sworn she
had seen him leap to his feet, like a man in full possession of his faculties, when she had
given her-false cry of alarm.
"Then why did you - " began Dale dazedly, unable to fathom her aunt's reasons for her