The Awakening HTML version

Chapter Two
The next morning the village was a buzz with all the things the stranger named Bryon
had told them. Even the ones that were doing most of the grumbling the night before, seemed to
be enchanted with the words of his lands to the south. As Katelynn and her mother Christine was
preparing the morning meal, Richard and Bryon came in from a morning walk. Bryon asked if
there was a stream nearby so he could wash before the meal was served. Richard showed him the
direction in which to go and off he went.
Katelynn trying not to sound too interested said, “ Do you think he will be all right? He
does not know the forest in this area.”
Richard let out a little chuckle and said, “My daughter if you are afraid he will get lost
maybe you had better show him the way.”
Christine could not help but notice how her daughter's eyes lit up. And this worried her.
She knew her daughter was infatuated with the stranger amongst them and was not sure what to
say. Christine also knew her daughter was about to get her heart broke for this could never be.
Eric had already talked to Katelynn's mother about his plans to ask for Katelynn's hand. She
knew that nothing good would come from Richard tempting his daughter in such a way.
Katelynn asked if she could go make sure he had found the stream all right and her father had
told her that she could go.
As she walked to the stream someone else noticed she was going the same way as Bryon
had. Eric followed Katelynn far enough behind so she would not know he was there. When she
reached the stream she saw Bryon bent over the stream scooping handfuls of water over his face.
His shirt was off and she could see his tanned muscular arms and back. As she stood there and
looked at him she felt she would never see another man as handsome as this. As she started to
speak to him he turned and saw her standing there.
When she tried to speak she was unable too. Then she gained her composure and said,
“My mother has a root we use for washing with. She would have gave you some if you would
have asked.”
That was a stupid thing to say she thought to herself.
He was having just as hard of a time talking as well. The way the morning sun shone on
her hair made it look even redder than the night before with the firelight making it look as if it
was dancing. He felt the stir in his loins again. He wanted to grab her and kiss her and rub his
hands over her smooth skin. But he knew if he were to do that he would not be able to stop
himself from going further. She was not just a scullery maid or some whore from the brothel she
was different.