The Awakening HTML version

Chapter One
It was a beautiful day the sun was warm as it shone down across her face. His
handsome face and deep blue eyes were all she could see as she lay down in the grass beside the
stream that flowed near the spot where he had first kissed her. It seemed like a lifetime ago. As
Katelynn lay there she thought about how they had first met. It was the festival of Mid Summer's
He was a stranger in her village. Just passing though is what he had told her father. He
was on a journey to find a rare plant called thistle mint that grew in the highlands to the north.
The healing power of this plant's roots would save his homeland from a sickness. The likes of
one, no one of that time had seen before. But most believed it to be a curse from the evil Lord
Drasken of that land from where he came.
Katelynn had come into the room as her father and the stranger sat talking. She had
noticed him right away not only because he was a stranger, but also his silhouette from the hearth
made him seem to have a glow about him. Her father had introduced him as Bryon the son of
Stephen Chief of the village of Dunkeld. Katelynn’s father Richard being the Chief of their
village Glen Roy was with whom Bryon needed to speak. For it was through these lands he must
travel to get to the Highlands where the plant grew.
"Please excuse me father,” she said, “ I came to see if you would like some wine."
"Aye” said Richard, “ That might satisfy this thirst.” Then he looked towards Bryon and
asked "And you Bryon would you care to share in a drink of wine with me?"
Bryon looked up at Katelynn and smiled, "I would be honored sir."
As he started to look away he could not help but stare at the vision of beauty standing
before him. Her hair was red as the flames of a roaring fire, her eyes as green as any emerald he had
ever seen. Her skin looked so smooth and milky white. He immediately thought how it would feel
to touch the softness of her skin and began to feel a stirring in his loins. She could feel his eyes upon
her as she turned away to retrieve the flask of wine for them. She did not want Bryon or her father
see her blushing. She could feel his eyes still watching her as she walked away.
That night as the people of the Glen Roy gathered around the communial bonfire, Richard
spoke to them of things that Bryon had told him. He spoke of the sickness that was in Bryon's
homeland of Dunkeld. The villagers began to whisper and grumble amongst themselves. Wondering
if the stranger had brought the sickness with him to their village. Father told them how Lord Drasken
had come to Bryon's village and demanded they give up their lands and Dunkeld and to swear
loyalty to him but when Bryon's father refused. Lord Drasken said Dunkeld would be cursed with a
sickness. That the people of Dunkeld would beg for him to take their lands so that he may take away
the curse and their sons and daughters might live.
As Richard sat down Bryon stood up and said, " I have asked Richard if I may travel through
these lands to get to the highlands where a plant called thistle mint grows that could help my people.
I also have asked if I could employ a guide, for I am not familiar with this part of the world and I
would pay handsomely for such a guide."
The villagers sat around and talked amongst themselves for a while.
Then Eric a young lad stood and said, “ I will guide you to the Highlands for what you
Eric had other reasons for wanting to go on this journey with Bryon. He thought if he did