The Art of War for Dating HTML version

In his famous book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu spoke about using
resourcefulness, momentum, cunning, flexibility, integrity, secrecy,
speed, positioning, surprise, deception and manipulation to defeat an
opponent. He used phrases like, “Lure them in with the prospect of
gain, take them by confusion" and "Invincibility is in oneself,
vulnerability is in the opponent." In this book I will teach you to take
on a totally new, almost war-like mindset in order to show you how to
meet and attract any woman, anywhere, at any time. By the time you
finish reading this book you will immediately be able to utilize an
arsenal of proven methods and techniques for “conquering” beautiful
The past does not equal the future. Take this statement and embed it
in your mind. The record of what has been has nothing to do with
what you can accomplish in the future. At this very moment you can
decide to be the person you want to be and design and entirely new
life for yourself. While we need to leave the past in the past, we need
to learn from it so that we don’t keep making the same mistakes.
The Art Of War For Dating by Spencer Michaels ¨2006, All Rights Reserved