The Art of Public Speaking HTML version

conditions. O Frenchmen! O my countrymen! Let not your enemies, with their desolating doctrines, degrade
your souls, and enervate your virtues! No, Chaumette, no! Death is not "an eternal sleep!" Citizens! efface
from the tomb that motto, graven by sacrilegious hands, which spreads over all nature a funereal crape, takes
from oppressed innocence its support, and affronts the beneficent dispensation of death! Inscribe rather
thereon these words: "Death is the commencement of immortality!" I leave to the oppressors of the People a
terrible testament, which I proclaim with the independence befitting one whose career is so nearly ended; it is
the awful truth--"Thou shalt die!"
[Footnote 6: School and College Speaker, Mitchell.]
[Footnote 7: School and College Speaker, Mitchell.]