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his followers marched to the Holy Land to destroy all who differed with them in the worship of the God of
Love. Triumphantly they wrote "In Solomon's Porch and in his temple our men rode in the blood of the
Saracens up to the knees of their horses."
History is an appalling tale of war. In the seventeenth century Germany, France, Sweden, and Spain warred
for thirty years. At Magdeburg 30,000 out of 36,000 were killed regardless of sex or age. In Germany schools
were closed for a third of a century, homes burned, women outraged, towns demolished, and the untilled land
became a wilderness.
Two-thirds of Germany's property was destroyed and 18,000,000 of her citizens were killed, because men
quarrelled about the way to glorify "The Prince of Peace." Marching through rain and snow, sleeping on the
ground, eating stale food or starving, contracting diseases and facing guns that fire six hundred times a
minute, for fifty cents a day--this is the soldier's life.
At the window sits the widowed mother crying. Little children with tearful faces pressed against the pane
watch and wait. Their means of livelihood, their home, their happiness is gone. Fatherless children,
broken-hearted women, sick, disabled and dead men--this is the wage of war.
We spend more money preparing men to kill each other than we do in teaching them to live. We spend more
money building one battleship than in the annual maintenance of all our state universities. The financial loss
resulting from destroying one another's homes in the civil war would have built 15,000,000 houses, each
costing $2,000. We pray for love but prepare for hate. We preach peace but equip for war.
Were half the power that fills the world with terror, Were half the wealth bestowed on camp and court Given
to redeem this world from error, There would be no need of arsenal and fort.
War only defers a question. No issue will ever really be settled until it is settled rightly. Like rival "gun gangs"
in a back alley, the nations of the world, through the bloody ages, have fought over their differences. Denver
cannot fight Chicago and Iowa cannot fight Ohio. Why should Germany be permitted to fight France, or
Bulgaria fight Turkey?
When mankind rises above creeds, colors and countries, when we are citizens, not of a nation, but of the
world, the armies and navies of the earth will constitute an international police force to preserve the peace and
the dove will take the eagle's place.
Our differences will be settled by an international court with the power to enforce its mandates. In times of
peace prepare for peace. The wages of war are the wages of sin, and the "wages of sin is death."
--Editorial by D.C., Leslie's Weekly; used by permission.