The Art of Public Speaking HTML version

When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
--JOHN WARWICK DANIEL, on the unveiling of Lee's statue at Washington and Lee University, Lexington,
Virginia, 1883.
1. Why should humor find a place in after-dinner speaking?
2. Briefly give your impressions of any notable after-dinner address that you have heard.
3. Briefly outline an imaginary occasion of any sort and give three subjects appropriate for addresses.
4. Deliver one such address, not to exceed ten minutes in length.
5. What proportion of emotional ideas do you find in the extracts given in this chapter?
6. Humor was used in some of the foregoing addresses--in which others would it have been inappropriate?
7. Prepare and deliver an after-dinner speech suited to one of the following occasions, and be sure to use
A lodge banquet. A political party dinner. A church men's club dinner. A civic association banquet. A banquet
in honor of a celebrity. A woman's club annual dinner. A business men's association dinner. A manufacturers'
club dinner. An alumni banquet. An old home week barbecue.
[Footnote 35: See also page 205.]