The Art of Public Speaking HTML version

These all realized their strongest desires. The law is universal. Desire greatly, and you shall achieve; sacrifice
much, and you shall obtain.
Stanton Davis Kirkham has beautifully expressed this thought: "You may be keeping accounts, and presently
you shall walk out of the door that has for so long seemed to you the barrier of your ideals, and shall find
yourself before an audience--the pen still behind your ear, the ink stains on your fingers--and then and there
shall pour out the torrent of your inspiration. You may be driving sheep, and you shall wander to the
city--bucolic and open-mouthed; shall wander under the intrepid guidance of the spirit into the studio of the
master, and after a time he shall say, 'I have nothing more to teach you.' And now you have become the
master, who did so recently dream of great things while driving sheep. You shall lay down the saw and the
plane to take upon yourself the regeneration of the world."
1. What, in your own words, is personality?
2. How does personality in a speaker affect you as a listener?
3. In what ways does personality show itself in a speaker?
4. Deliver a short speech on "The Power of Will in the Public Speaker."
5. Deliver a short address based on any sentence you choose from this chapter.