The Art of Public Speaking HTML version

6. Deliver a short extemporaneous speech giving your opinions on the merits and demerits of the use of
unusual words in public speaking.
7. Try to find an example of the over-use of unusual words in a speech.
8. Have you used reference books in word studies? If so, state with what result.
9. Find as many synonyms and antonyms as possible for each of the following words: Excess, Rare, Severe,
Beautiful, Clear, Happy, Difference, Care, Skillful, Involve, Enmity, Profit, Absurd, Evident, Faint, Friendly,
Harmony, Hatred, Honest, Inherent.
[Footnote 32: How to Attract and Hold an Audience, J. Berg Esenwein.]
[Footnote 33: A book of synonyms and antonyms is in preparation for this series, "The Writer's Library."]
[Footnote 34: Composition and Rhetoric, J.M. Hart.]