The Art of Change


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This work contains a collection of sayings that form a groundwork for self-change. Like war, the art of change presumes a conflict between two sides: the person you are now and the person you hope to be. The person you hope to be is at a disadvantage; that person is a ghost of the future, while the person you are now commands the full forces of the present and will do everything to keep power. To help balance the fight, the art of change provides tools that may be used to disrupt the present self--You.


This is a book consisting of a list of opinions that don't really develop the "theme." I'm disappointed; the title is great!


its really good.every one who is trying to change must read this.i am struggling a lot to change myself.....and i hav felt d is so true that we must be well prepared to face such anxiety before deciding to change.....thanks for author ...and we expect more books from you in this site.

Olusegun Olabiyi

It's conciseness make it even more interesting to read and enjoy. The issues addressed under each subsection are straight to the point. Indeed, the book is a true reflection of the subtleties that are involved to follow through on the process of effecting change and ultimately living the healthy lifestyle. It's a must read for those who are on the journey back to SELF MASTERY - CHANGE. I sincerely thank the author for being able to convey his message in a concise, yet clear and undiluted fashion. Also for making it readily available. Wishing you all the best in future pursuits.

shashi reddy

The book tries to explain how agonizing it is to change and, change we must. In my experience, once I knew I had to change, I was able to do so. I guess you have to know what it is you want to change about yourself and have faith in yourself. It makes it easier if you believe that people can change. And if you are naturally someone who look up to ideals and are eager to be a better person every day.I knew I had to change because the anger I was feeling at my spouse was making me and my time with my children unhappy. Since I couldn't change my spouse, only option I had was to change myself, namely my anger. Once I decided to change, I worked with myself and was able to do it. But before and during that process, I had no idea if it was even remotely possible, but I knew I had no choice, and from then onwards I knew I could change anything about myself if I so choose. I firmly believe that anyone can change if they truly choose to do so. Only most people think they are beyond any hope to change, so they justify their present selves by any means they can to get a false sense of normalcy.My thing is this: I am not sure how much of myself I want to change; Until I feel comfortable with myself? Is it even possible? As it is, I feel alone in this soul-less world (at least around me). The more I change myself, the farther I want to get from the people around me. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't I be comfortable with them no matter who they are? I am so uncertain of everything, like you mentioned.Anyway, thank you for letting people like me know that we are not alone. Thank you on behalf of those, who truly want to change. They can help themselves with the limitless information and support available free from The internet such as your book. May be you can expand some of the aspects in your next book.

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